How to Care for your Clothes & ‘No-Wash’ Jean Experiment

How to Care for your Clothes & ‘No-Wash’ Jean Experiment

Tips for washing and storing your clothes that helps them last longer and is more eco-friendly.
I also forgot to mention that if you have black, cotton clothes that have faded, it’s easy to re-dye them!

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After reading about people not washing their jeans for 6 months to year, I decided to do my own little experiment. I ended up not washing a new pair jeans for 11 months (they were part of 3 capsules, so I wore them pretty regularly for a good 9 months) and I was incredibly surprised at how not-gross they were.

How to care for different fabrics:
How To Care For Every Item In Your Closet

Additional info:
Guide to Common Laundering and Dry-cleaning Symbols

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Are there any clothing care tips I missed? Share yours in the comments 🙂

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