How to Buy Pet Meds From Australia


No matter if you’re a dog lover or a cat lover, there is no reason why you can’t get top quality pet meds and save money at the same time. This is particularly pertinent given the current global economic condition.

Saving money on genuine pet medicines can be achieved by looking beyond your local market and assessing prices in different regions and countries. The manufacturer/distributor will price their products differently depending on the regional market they are selling in. They will typically price to maximise their profit, rather than the associated costs in research & development, mass-production and marketing.

Based on extensive investigation and comparisons of hundreds of online pet meds stores, I have been able to conclude that Australian prices for pet medications are amongst the lowest in the developed English-speaking world. This is taking into consideration the major countries such as USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Factor in the cost of shipping from Australia to your door (typically around $ 5) and you’re very likely to be still pocketing a significant saving.

But you might ask…what are the associated risks or areas of concern when buying pet medications abroad from countries like Australia?

One:  What is the risk of fraud or receiving counterfeit pet meds?

There is no value in risking your pet’s health to potentially fake or counterfeit pet medications. If you want to save money, generally speaking, Australian websites can sell much for much cheaper without some of the associated risks of buying from unknown or questionable countries.

Australia is an advanced economy, so the economic penalties of conducting fraud or selling counterfeit pet meds are high. Australian-based vendors simply wouldn’t risk it. You should be able to buy with confidence that you’ll get genuine pet medications from Australia.

Two: Are there any notable differences between Australian-based pet meds and those sold in my home country?

The petmeds themselves that are sold throughout the world are typically manufactured in the same factory. As the petmeds roll off the production line they are stamped and packaged with the appropriate regulatory information depending on the regional market it will be sold in. For instance, Australian pet meds will not have the FDA and EPA regulatory information printed on the packaging. Additionally, Australian uses the metric system so the boxes will be labelled in kilograms and grams as opposed to pounds and ounces.

Other than packaging and labelling, there are no other differences in the pet medicine. The pet medications will be equally as effective, with the same mode of application (e.g. topical solution on the back of the neck in-between the shoulder blades), etc.

To wrap up the following are the key advantages in buying Pet Meds Online, from stores based in Australia.

The Pet Meds (i.e. the tablets and vials) are typically manufactured off the same global production line and then boxed up for each country for sale. Based on my own personal research Australia Pet Meds are amongst the cheapest available. Therefore, if you buy Pet Meds from Australia, you can rest assured that your pet will be treated with genuine petmeds without compromising on quality.

Additionally, for the same petmed, different countries will have different regulatory laws determining whether it can be only sold with a prescription or OTC (over the counter). Experience has shown that OTC pet meds end up being typically more cost effective than those requiring a prescription. There is quite a significant range of pet meds that do not require a prescription for sale in Australia and therefore there are quite significant savings that can potentially be passed onto the buyer.

However, it is always strongly advised that you consult your vet before purchasing any pet medications online.