How To Buy Best Patio Umbrella

{flickr|100|campaign} An ideal way to continue to enjoy outdoors and breathe fresh air without the interference of the sun is to install a patio umbrella With such a plethora of choices of size and style, it is now much easier and more affordable than ever before to purchase a high quality patio umbrellas to suit your needs.

Patio umbrella have today become quite commonplace and many consider it an essential addition to their outdoor furniture set. The two common types of patio umbrellas are the ones that stand on table tops and the ones that stand alone. Patio umbrellas also come with tilting mechanism so that you can tilt the umbrella in any direction to block the sun rays.

There are metal framed patio umbrellas and wooden framed patio umbrellas available in the market. The wooden framed are manually operated and metal framed are automatically operated.

Besides, buying a patio umbrella is a worthwhile long-term investment provided you spend adequate time to study the different types of patio umbrellas and make a smart purchase. Remember that an aesthetic patio umbrella not only protects your family and friends from the torrid summer sun, but also enhances the decor of you outdoor setting.

Measure the space you wish to cover and then decide what size and height umbrella suits your needs. Check that there is sufficient room for the table and chairs for your family members and guests. Opt for a tall pole to cast a more expansive shadow provided the space permits.

It is essential that you properly balance the size of the umbrella and its base, particularly if you choose to purchase them separately. It will be obviously appear clumsy if you attempt to fix a 4-foot umbrella over a table top 6 feet in diameter.

Try to choose a patio umbrella of ideal size that is neither too large nor too small for the area you wish to cover. As far as possible, choose a patio umbrella in one piece, but in any case be sure the pole can support your umbrella. The patio umbrellas come in different shapes square, rectangular, circular etc.

Think of some cool dull color fabrics that are soothing to the eyes and not bright colors that will further accentuate the heat. Look for canopy fabrics that resist mildew and rain water and fabrics that can be easily cleaned as the canopy is prone to collecting dust and dirt. Some patio umbrellas come in multi-colorful patterns and this is an option you can consider if you really care for aesthetics.

Please know that single canopy umbrellas in solid sheet vinyl may lack stability and can topple when a strong wind blows. Instead, go for double canopy designs made from porous weaves. The patio umbrella you choose should, most importantly, protect those sitting underneath it from UV rays.

Find out from the shop owner whether the umbrella you are considering has this feature. You can choose Sunbrella fabric that is resistant to heat, water and bad weather conditions and also protects you from UV rays. Enquire from the shopkeeper if there is any special cleaning or storage instructions before buying the patio umbrella.