How To Build Inspiration, Engagement And Loyalty On A Team

.tags Do you work with stressed out, underappreciated and overworked professionals( Or, are you one of them)? Are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to boost morale? From my motivational talks, below are principles to help build engagement and loyalty:

Any leadership effort that proves to be an inspiration engages, empowers and involves people. The inspiration pays off over and over again like an annuity. Studies show that with most employee engagement efforts productivity will far exceed your expectations. Inspiration, Innovation and employee satisfaction will skyrocket. Feeling their contribution is recognized and respected, employees will be eager to contribute energy and enthusiasm.

Increase participation and involvement.

-hold morning or mid- afternoon motivational pep talks, not boring meetings but opportunities for leadership to give short and to the poing motivational speeches to people, recognizing tean efforts and engaging enthusiasm.
-use technology and social media to create conversation designed to listen to people and follow up
-make information accessible, people should never feel like things are happening behind their back that will affect their jobs.
-empower employees to solve specific problems
-treating others with respect and dignity needs to be basic for everyone
-encourage and recognize innovation

Make sure nobody feels left out.
Do an anonymous survey asking people of examples where they feel like they are not included. Here is what you may find… Women or minorities feel their ideas are passed up. Some hardworking, eager people may feel they are the “go to” people and they do the balance of the work but don’t get the credit.

Raise awareness and Create a Culture of Respect.
Reward and Recognize respectful behaviour and reprimand and have consequences for negative disrespectful behaviour. Very often, people get something out of disrespectful behaviour ( ie- intimidating employees aren’t interrupted by others request for help because they are afraid of them) and so they are rewarded.

I once watched a motivational speaker from Disney speak. His motivational speeches revolved around how Disney uses the mantra RAVE… Respect, Appreciate, and Value Everyone. The acronym serves as a reminder that respectful behaviours are easily side stepped and need to be reinforced continually.