How to Become a Successful Online Marketer With One Week Marketing


The features of the one week marketing plan

The one week marketing plan is an e-book and detailed step by step guide to success, relating to the affiliate marketing industry. The features included are never ending, but just touching on a few will give an idea of the potential the book has when in the right hands.

One of the most useful sections of the book is the ‘Steps to Starting a Successful Online Business’. Whilst many will assume they know how the business world works, the internet is a new sector that even offline millionaires struggle to come to terms with. This section of the book offers advice and guidance of how to get moving, even if you do not have any money to invest initially.

The section that was worth its weight in gold to me was the section which helps with niche selection. I struggled with niche selection for quite a few months, picking niches with to much competition and not enough demand and quite obviously, not exploring all the marketing techniques available. The one week marketing plan quickly got me focused and it wasn’t long until I filtered out some of the projects I was doing to focus on certain niches, giving myself some structure. This has obviously enabled me to roll out marketing campaigns that actually work, increasing my sales.

Another significant part of the book is definitely the section that relates to Squidoo. Like most affiliates, free marketing methods such as creating a Squidoo lens is how I prefer to market products, although others like to use ad words, or paid reviews. This section of the book explains in detail the steps needed to get a Squidoo lens that actually converts to clicks and therefore sales!

As mentioned, the above represents just a couple of the features the one week marketing plan offers, but the 18 page free review offers a lot more!