How To Adorn A Simple Pergola Cottage

.tags We all like to have a small outdoor space at home where we can spend our free time, relax, or simply enjoy the cool breeze or the sunny day. Typically, a front porch, deck or patio will do. But another cool thing to add to our home outside is a cottage pergola. Its just a very simple idea. Instead of putting up a total extension for your house, you can just build a pergola at the back, place a comfy outdoor furniture and beautify the whole area with refreshing plants and colorful flowers.

An outdoor space wouldnt be complete without plants and flowers. The purpose of going outdoors is to feel refreshed, otherwise you should have rather stayed inside your living room sofa. So here are some wonderful ideas on how you can make your pergola cottage a beautiful and refreshing one:

1. Modern planters. You can place your adorable plants in modern planters so that you can bring them within the pergola cottage. Using modern commercial planters will also be a good adornment to the area.

2. Window Planter Boxes. If there is a window within or beside the pergola cottage, it would be a good idea to install window planter boxes where you can plant colorful flowers as well and make the surroundings even more beautiful.

3. Hanging Baskets. Putting some hanging baskets or hanging contemporary planters is a stylish way to embellish your pergola cottage. Commercial planters today have self-watering reservoirs so it would not be too difficult for you to maintain your plants when placed in hanging baskets.

4. Plants around the area. You may also place your plants on the ground or in long custom planters outside the pergola cottage. Align them at the side of the cottage or all over your houses perimeter.

Those are just some of the amazing ideas on how you can have a simple yet beautiful outdoor space at home. All you need is just a pergola, outdoor furniture, some planter boxes, and of course, your beautiful plants and flowers. You may also add some outdoor ornaments to make the area more attractive and a perfect place to spend your leisure time.