How to acquire more conversions through your e-mail marketing campaigns


E-Mail marketing, when done correctly, can provide significant benefits in terms of the amount of revenue you are able to generate through your website on an annual basis. However, when conducting e-mail marketing it’s important to ensure that you have all of the necessary best practice elements in place which includes a good autoresponder tool, the ability to customise e-mails to your target audience, the opportunity to send in text or HTML format and also the opportunity to integrate social media into your campaigns. A good autoresponder tool should be able to provide all of this functionality and allow you to integrate your e-mail marketing seamlessly into your online promotion efforts.

When sending out e-mails to your list of subscribers it’s essential that you always consider exactly who you are sending the e-mails to. For example, you may be running an e-mail course on how to get the most from your e-mail marketing efforts, this course may be delivered in seven parts over a period of, for example, two months. However, what of the people who have been long-stay members on your list, do they really need another introductory course into e-mail marketing? They have most likely covered most of the content available on your site and they are looking for you to reward their loyalty with something new and compelling.

One way to counteract this problem is to segment your subscribers into distinct groups. You can then e-mail subscribers based on their level of knowledge, how likely they are to purchase a product from your website (or whether they may have even purchased from you before) or even based on when they signed-up to your website. Create distinct segments for your e-mail marketing campaigns and you can stand to benefit both from how many people you attract back to your website and also the subsequent returns you are likely to receive.