How Much Are These Cheap Mexico Beachfront Lots Really Worth?


These cheap Mexico beachfront lots include 66 feet of virgin beachfront, hook-ups for electricity, water, phone and internet, a large, natural lagoon, direct access to a federal highway, 2 international airports within 45 minutes, a very modern health clinic nearby, large shopping stores, and a beautiful old, colonial age city. And the area is taking off as a tourism and real estate area…


How much do you think a lot like this is worth? How much it’s worth is another question, but the selling price will surprise you. Nearby lots of similar size, but without the connections are selling for $ 120,000 USD (they’re off the grid, owners rely on solar and wind power, as opposed to these lots, which have all connections). This price, which is already low, will look high.


The area is the state of Campeche, on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, a couple of hours away from the colonial city of Merida, the Mayan pyramids at Chichen Itza, and the thriving beachfront tourism area around Cancun. All of the features that make these other famous areas thrive exist in Campeche. The capital city is a restored colonial city, surrounded with fort walls, and with all wiring and utilities underground. A growing number of tourists and retirees looking for a winter getaway are already beginning to choose Campeche’s beachfront as their vacation spot. Rich jungle vegetation, lagoons and dozens of Mayan ruin sites (less well-known than Chichen Itza, but no less awe-inspiring) make for an ideal warm-weather destination, at a lower price than across the peninsula.


Investors are noticing. One large European developer is already delivering properties on a marina and golf community. Condos are priced starting around $ 500,000 USD. Another golf course community has been announced during 2010; Campeche real estate is taking off!


This area is just about where places like Playa del Carmen, across the peninsula, were about 10 years ago. And now much is a beautiful home on the beachfront worth over there? In the village of Akumal (about 40 minutes south of Playa del Carmen) a home directly on the beachfront is selling for at least $ 850,000 USD. While homes like those ones are super investments (high vacation rental demand), not everyone can fork over this kind of cash.


On one of these lots, a quality-construction custom home can be built for about $ 70-$ 80 per square foot of construction. That’s $ 100,000 for a home of just over 1400 sq. ft. (about 150 square meters for comparison to other homes on the peninsula, which are usually listed in square meters.)


And what about the lots themselves? $ 64,900 USD! Building permits are guaranteed. After counting for closing costs and other expenses involved, you’ll still have your own dream home on the beach for less than a quarter of homes in established tourism areas. And the best part; growing tourism means more services in the future, increasing demand, increasing value, and potential for rental income.


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