How Live Blogging is Changing Journalism

How Live Blogging is Changing Journalism

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Live blogging has taken off across the Web, giving journalists a chance to write about events in real-time. Will media have to adapt to this rising trend? Digital Journal TV investigates in an interview with the president of Cover it Live, a live blog leader.

Digital Journal — To live blog or not to live blog, that is the question. For journalists of all stripes, it is a decision to consider seriously: covering events and offering commentary in real-time has become the activity du jour for enterprising publishers. has tested the service from live blog trailblazer Cover it Live, whose software has been used by weather reporters, entertainment writers covering the Grammy Awards and comic-book nuts attending ComicCon. tried out Cover it Live for the first U.S. presidential debate, the U.S. vice presidential debate, the Canadian federal leaders debate, and the second presidential debate in the United States. As impressive as the service was, we ran into some noticeable lag and reliability issues at first. To find out what the company doing to ensure quality in the future, we visited their head office in Toronto, Canada.

Because live blogging is getting more popular every month, Digital Journal TV wanted to know what makes a live blog company tick and why Cover It Live has exploded in popularity.

We spoke with Cover it Live President Keith McSpurren to learn how citizen journalism can benefit from live blogs and what business model Cover it Live may pursue. Journalism’s continuous march to the Internet era just got more interesting.