How Lagos Launched N3.1b Digital Mapping By The Vision Of Gov. Fashola

{flickr|100|campaign} While the vision of agrarian reform Lagos State reached its peak, the consultants working on mapping N3.1 billion Lagos Digital Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) project, known as GIS, said the project will start soon. According to experts at the time of re-evaluation of the various aspects of the project is proved, that with time to end the country’s management capacity states reinforcement. Chatting with reporters in the office last week, said an aide, Mr. Oluropo Olajugba, Director General, Mr. Field Limited, surveying and GIS, at the time, the test project, which will probably be completed before a performance end the state government. Earlier, Lagos State has its digital maps and geographic information systems announced (GIS) has reached 75 percent. Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola made the request to interested parties.

The governor said: “It’s an infrastructure that will determine the effectiveness that are clearly against and recycled in the state makes good roads and water and make us more susceptible to people and government. “The street where we are today is a continuation of the previous government. What we do today is the beginning of the last phase of this project component,” he said.

Commissioner for Science and Technology, Kadri Obafemi Hamzat, said the use of GIS is the process of collecting, processing, storage, distribution and use of GIS in digital format for planning and making revolution. “The government has launched a Lagos State Surveying and Mapping full digital throughout the state, which is the use of the results of GIS in various stages of development in rural areas and other countries offering large cities” said. Monsurudeen Durowoju, Special Adviser to the Governor of mapping and GIS, admitted that the project’s success to date after the governor-determination and the challenge he and other industrial companies to the need for mapping and GIS in the establishment of the state.

The governor added that thanks to technology, the population of Lagos will be located where they are, for the government to plan and know their problems and offer solutions tailored to their specific needs. The project, which has to resolve all cases of poor management of land issues in the country, was designed for effective use and application of geographic information in the development and the Mega-City afspiegeling states ensure that initiative. First, the objective of the operation, orthophotos, and digital maps and GIS databases for the entire state is to produce implementing various development programs in rural areas and in the capital and other major cities. It will be a real tool for the control mechanism for the orderly conduct of the State.

The project has six main technology modules: the acquisition of aerial photography and digital resources research, establishing the parameters of the global positioning system enabled the geoid and reference station to remove the date, digital maps, models terrain models and orthophotos, GIS, bathymetry table and the provision of information infrastructure and communication, education and training. The provincial government awarded the project of four businessmen (one module, three and four), including geographic, Mr. Field Limited (module two) UNILAG Consortium (hydrographic surveys) and AAC Consulting (training and equipment).

Accept the challenge of the project, said the multi-disciplinary Olajugba and why his company had to invite others to join the project. Those working on the project with land Lord said, UNILAG Geodesy Group (UGG) are a group of academics and retired teachers, and the network of Geometrics Geoqinetic entered. Olajugba said the geoid 2A module parameters involved going on the ground to act would be done in the calculations, said that because the earth was a flat surface, the parameters are very useful. 2b for the module, it says that the Lord has worked in the field notes Leica Geoqinetic for high quality finished products and that the module has a range of 30 km, adding that the company doing development networks across government to extend coverage to part of Lagos. However, commended the Lagos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola were the need for geographic information in digital format to be used by several government agencies, businesses and individuals in recognition of the comfort of their offices.

He said: “The digital maps for surveillance, traffic planning, environmental planning, are used for water depth to determine the water transport plan, etc. “Our Company is the first exploration of the Office of the Inspector General of Lagos State and the Office of cartography. Based on experience in the field, could Mr. Lagos map of Akwa Ibom, with the result that we hope to offer. “We have invested heavily in our personnel and equipment to project the Lagos control policies, and we have all the world to countries where they are performing the same type of project, to see how it was to improve what we have here. The plan of the Lagos State government to implement a fully digital mapping and enterprise Geographical Information System is the support and praise of the operation, the situation in the way of true progress is noticeable. In response to the initiation of the project, which was divided into seven parts, “the president of the Institution of Surveyors of Nigeria, Dr. Sola Atilola, the project is best for the nation, noting that no development without good example.

Indicates that the allocation will take place prior to a sustainable development and the need to prepare for such development. The project comprises the following determination of the geoid and the establishment of continuously operating reference station and the contour lines and digital orthophoto (vector) to examine the mapping, and the acquisition of digital aerial photographs, databases, GIS data and enterprise GIS, provide equipment and training and public information and education and the survey of the bathymetry of the lagoons and bays of Lagos.