How I Got Started Blogging & Youtubing | Sazan Hendrix

How I Got Started Blogging & Youtubing | Sazan Hendrix

What’s holding you back? I am breaking down how I got started in blogging & youtubing today and some of the challenges I faced along the way.

WARNING: This video is going to get really deep and personal. The TEARS flow! hahaha For anyone out there who has truly felt defeated about something (whether it’s career or personal), I hope you can take some light and inspiration from this video.

I absolutely love my Sazcribers and you guys have been a huge part of my story. Thank you for always believing in me, supporting me and motivating me. Exciting things are about to launch and I feel empowered to rise up to my platforms to inspire and influence anyone out there who needs some extra love.

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XO, Saz