How Cruise News Can Get You A Job On A Cruise Ship


If you are an applicant looking to get and edge above other job seekers when applying for a vacancy on a cruise ship, then you need to really have a cover letter that stands out. Saying something about the cruise line you are applying to within the body of the cover letter is one way of doing that.

So, what should you write about?

If you have a knowledge about something that is new or innovative for the cruise line and relating it to a cruise job shows that you have exceptional interest in that company. To talk about the cruise line’s forthcoming fleet launches is one of the best ways.

For example, In January 2011, Disney Cruise Line will launch the Disney Dream and applicants sending cover letter to them must give a sentence about it. On fulfilling the company’s needs of extra youth counselors, that’s how you may associate it.

Another example of cruise industry news can give applicants an advantage about newly created jobs. The position of Recreation Staff was available when the Norwegian Epic was launched this past summer.

Furthermore Celebrity Cruises presented their iLounge with the launch of the Celebrity Eclipse. A new type of internet café is what iLounge is, that offers computer classes and opportunities to purchase Apple products. In 2011 they will be launching the Celebrity Silhouette and they are still actively recruiting iLounge Managers.

The cruise line you apply to is another consideration to make. They limit themselves to applying with the prominent cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines are where most applicants begin their hunt for a position on a cruise ship. It’s true that those two lines in particular have more than 20 cruise ships each making for attractive job opportunities.

What most applicants don’t realize is that they are limiting their chances of working at sea if they only apply to the major cruise lines, leaving out the more obscure companies.

River cruise lines, expedition cruise lines and cruise lines with only one or two ships offer similar opportunities of travel and cruise industry experience.

These companies aren’t on every cruise applicant’s radar, making these types of cruise job opportunities another promising alternative to getting your foot in the door. The life onboard experience has many similar qualities that explain well on a resume, although the number of crew is substantially lower.

The main common denominators are guest service experience, having a roommate and seven-day work weeks. And, you may be qualified to the same types of cruise jobs that many of these lines you have heard of offer.