How Can Food or Alcohol Related Businesses Benefit from Email Marketing Prior to the Super Bowl?


Boost Sales

Food and spirits are often the main ingredients of a good Super Bowl party. Even though the economy is still in rough shape, you better believe that consumers will be spending big to keep their guests well fed and thoroughly entertained. This is great news for those in the food and alcohol business. If you are a sports bar or restaurant, you can use email marketing to ensure that it is your products fueling those wild Super Bowl parties. You could use this platform to send along special sales offers, or coupons to provide a way for shoppers to save money on their party supplies. Launch your campaign in enough time for consumers to stock up, and it could result in more sales than you would have been able to make otherwise.

Score New Customers

While many people will be watching this year’s Super Bowl’s from the comfort of a living room, others will be doing so from sports bar, restaurant or similar type of establishment. Some of the people watching the game at these establishments will be there at the referral of others. When executed precisely, an email marketing strategy can help you reap the benefits of word of mouth marketing. The key to enjoying such benefits is making sure your offers, and communication in general, are compelling and engaging. If you deliver value when making contact, your customers will be more likely to remember your business, and to recommend it to others who want to stock up for the big game.

Learn More about Your Customers

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using email marketing to capitalize on the Super Bowl frenzy is the opportunity it presents to learn more about the customer. This comes from the ability it provides to track and measure your success. In its simplest form, email allows you to track which links in your message have been clicked. With this information at your disposal, you can get better idea of what your customers are more likely to buy, and engage them accordingly. For instance, if most of your subscribers are clicking your 10% off coupon, this is a sign that they honor a great bargain. This could be incentive to tempt them with discounts on food items or spirits that might compliment their Super Bowl plans.

For businesses that sell food and alcohol products the Super Bowl is one of the most profitable times of the year. Consumers are breaking out their wallets, and email is one of the best tools available for capitalize on the spending frenzy. Put your game plan together, and it could be your business that emergence victorious.