How Can Auto Mechanics Use Email Marketing Software?


The automotive industry is intensely competitive, which makes it harder for small businesses to thrive during these harsh economic times. One way to edge out the competition is to effectively use email marketing software to increase customer service, encourage repeat business and expand your target market. By using this incredibly powerful marketing tool, you can anticipate a huge return on investment without putting undue stress on your staff or breaking your marketing budget with high priced advertising campaigns.

With so many different auto mechanics available, quality customer service is a key factor to many people returning to the same mechanic over time. While it is imperative that the service is consistent and friendly when the customers are in the shop, it is also important that they feel that they are important when they aren’t in the shop as well. This is where email marketing software can help. By setting up a database with information about the client and vehicle, you can automatically send out customized reminders to your clients without adding to your office staff’s work load. Is it time for an oil change? Should the car get a tune up? Are you concerned about the brakes? Is it the client’s birthday? Whatever the reason, you can create emails that are sent automatically based on the information you put into the database, creating the illusion that you are sending them out one at a time, to personally let your client know you care. Effortless and yet extremely effective, these automatic emails will have clients coming back time and again.

Another useful tool that email marketing software provides is email newsletters. Send out seasonal emails with information on how a vehicle needs to be adjusted for the change in the weather. Give informative articles about the importance of oil changes or how the type of fuel used influences performance. Provide key facts about vehicle safety and repair that will benefit your clients. Then include a coupon that allows them to come back to your shop at a discount. With easy to use pre-designed templates, the email newsletters can be created quickly and sent out to your database instantaneously.

Whether you are sending out email newsletters, coupons, or announcements, all your correspondence can be easily forwarded to others with a click of a button, allowing you to reach a much larger target market without any additional expense. In addition, if you do want to expand your reach, you can purchase supplementary lists to send your information at reasonable costs and a high return on investment.

Stay ahead of the competition and ensure your continued success with email marketing software.