Houseboat in Kerala India


Backwaters are one of the unique attractions of Kerala, a chain of canals extending about 1500 kms, with a network of 44 rivers, lagoons and lakes. Most of it is naturally formed. Canals are remade for continuous traffic of men and materials.

The Kettuvallam is a large floating structure with high load carrying capacity was a part of Kerala’ s culture and heritage over the past years. The advent of road transport and motorisation of waterways saw in steep decline in the significance of Kettuvallam as an effective carrier of bulk cargo.

Indien-flavours remodelled the traditional Kettuvallam to suite the role of a tourist cruise boat. This gave an impetus to the resurgence of Kettuvallam and with further modifications these vessels were transformed into full-fledged house boats. The Kettuvallam was once an integral member of the fraternity of Kerala as an efficient cargo carrier. With a redefinition of its function these boats have carried which for themselves in the present and future of Kerala as a tourist house boat.

Kettuvallam is made entirely of Anjili Wood plants tied (ketu) together with strong coir rope to form a huge barge (vallam). The boat is constructed without using a single nail and is coated with a special resin obtained from boiling cashew kernels. Each a masterpiece of intricate craftsmanship, the ‘kettuvallam’ lasts, not for years, but for generations.

These house boats are known for its unique design use of local material like bamboo poles, coconut finer ropes, bamboo mats, carpets etc.

Epicures and explorers will discover Kerala’s secrets on a houseboat cruise with the Kettuvallom. Life takes place on and at the water. One can gather new impressions for hours and hours. The leisureliness of the Kettuvallom allows one to slowly immerse in their new surroundings. As passengers, one will come close to the daily life of the local people without being obtrusive.

Every boat has got two spacious double cabins with attached bathroom, a living area and Sundeck. The high standard is reached by paying attention to details and a crew, which is experienced in dealing with guests from Abroad. Traditional Kerala cuisine is served around the clock. Here man and nature strike up a balance of co-existing harmoniously beyond the temptations of modernization.

One can stay on board and relax or can get off and participate in the life of the village, visit churches and markets or watch local families make ropes out of coconut fibres.