Hottest Hollywood Events of the Year 2010


At the end of the year 2010, a series of articles have been written about Hollywood, the greatest showbiz in the world including outstanding events and polls for celebrity tops. This article continues  to take a review on the hottest events in the world’s entertainment industry during the year 2010. Weddings, breakups, serving in jail, and plastic surgeries are among the most striking spotlights of 2010.


If the year 2010 is seen as the year of marriage engagements, it’s also the year for breakups, especially in the latest months. Besides “changing” hotties such as Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, desirable Hollywood couples including Scarlett Johansson – Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron – Vanessa Hudgens, Christina Aguilera – Jordan Bratman split up. Even, the pair Billy Ray Cyrus- Tish Cyrus ended their 20-year marital life.




Weddings of diva R&B Alicia Keys, hottie Megan Fox, talented man Orlando Bloom, Penélope Cruz, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Hilary Duff, Emily Blunt, and Nicole Richie are among the hottest events of the showbiz world. Those celebrity wedding photos are rarely revealed; therefore, it’s so hard for paparazzis to take nice shots.


The wedding of hottie Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green


With the desire to become more well-known in the world’s entertainment industry, American reality television personality underwent 10 cosmetic surgeries in total within one day. However, Heidi Montag suffered from pains after the mass cosmetic surgeries. Besides, the couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt took a scandal by raising a rumor that they had divorced.


Heidi Montag’s mass cosmetic surgeries


Just within 2 months, the “party girl” was arrested for 3 times involving in drug, with the first time during World Cup 2010, then in Corsica, France, and the last time during her tour in Las Vegas. It’s so foolish that Paris Hilton thought the package of cocaine was the package of gum. Drug scandal of Paris was filmed into a short cartoon and broadcast in Taiwan Television.


Hilton’s drug involvement


2010 is the most annoying year of “Mean Girl” Lindsay Lohan marked by her serving in jail twice for rehabilitation. At present, she has been featured with 100 days after her fifth serving in rehab centers. Besides, she was arrested for driving in the out of control condition.


Lindsay Lohan’s serving in jail


5 days after celebrating the 18th birthday, the teen star Miley Cyrus shocked fans by a video of smoking a bong at her private house in Los Angeles. Besides achievements in music and movie, Miley Cyrus is more and more well-known thanks to her personal scandals.


Miley Cyrus’ bong smocking scandal


“Camp Rock 2: The Final Hour” star Demi Lovato was sent to the rehab center for psychological treatment. She was compulsory to quit an international concert tour with the band Jonas Brothers to undergo medical treatment after physical fights with one of the girls, also members of the tour.


Demi Lovato’s psychological treatment


Michael Brea, the star of “Step Up 3D” chopped off his mother’s head with a sword at his private house in November. The actor was suspected to have some mental problems. The case has been under investigation; however, Michael Brea’s life and career have certainly come to an end.


“Step Up 3D” actor killed his mother



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