Hot Halloween Costumes


Every Halloween, there are a few costumes that end up being the “hot” costume idea for that year. Occasionally, the hot Halloween costume idea is dependent on a character from the year’s high grossing summer motion picture. Sometimes it is based on the breakout celebrity of the brand new television show. Sometimes, the hot costume is even a politician.


At this time, this year’s Halloween season has not been happening that long but the early on leaders for the hot Halloween costumes appear to be Rhianna and Snooki. Barack Obama outfits are also anticipated to be well-known once again, as they have been in ’08 and ’09. Costumes of sitting presidents do often maintain recognition during their time in office. For some individuals it is to be able to celebrate the sitting leader and for other folks it is like a pure scary and horror idea. Former presidents from Richard Nixon through George W. Bush are Halloween costumes for this reason, years after they have left the position.


Once a Halloween costume idea becomes the hot thought for a Halloween night season or two, it is likely to become a choice of the Halloween party season after that. For example, Howdy Doody costumes are still popular, despite the fact that Howdy Doody has been gone from the airwaves since the fifties.


Alien and Star Trek themed costumes are also perennial favorites and have been now for many years. Captain Kirk, Mr Spock, Scottie as well as Lt Uhuru, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Han Single, Obi–wan Kenobi, R2D2, and also C3PO are all annual guests at Halloween parties all over.


But probably the most typical Halloween costumes still are those which build on the design of ghouls and goblins. The ghost costume might be an old linen with a few holes cut out for the eye balls. And of course, the witches; Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is definitely a popular adult Halloween costume.


Halloween and Halloween costumes are intended to have fun with. The fun might be in poking fun at themselves, or it might be in laughing at political figures and TV personalities through mocking them. Fortunately for everybody, the idea of making fun of public figures can fall under fair use guidelines.