Hosting Accounting Software Increases Productivity (quickbooks And Peachtree)

.tags The number of small to mid-sized businesses hosting applications in the clouds is increasing exponentially. Two very popular options for accounting firms and small businesses are quickbooks hosting & Peachtree hosting.
QuickBooks & Peachtree hosting allows small businesses access their accounting application anytime and from any part of the globe. Business owners & employees are no longer anchored to local server networks to access their accounting data. Instead, a third party hosting company hosts QuickBooks & all data on a centrally managed server that facilitates real time collaboration, even in a geographically dispersed environment. Employees and clients of small businesses & accounting firms can work from any location and at any time during the day, improving business efficiency.
QuickBooks & Peachtree hosting using Citrix technology runs as if it were installed on your local computer without any of the hassles of having a local server. The hosting provider offers 24×7 maintenance including installation, backup, upgrades, and troubleshooting. Hosting QuickBooks allows businesses to avoid investing in system upgrades, security tools, servers, & IT support, dramatically reducing overall IT expenses.
The hosted solution also provides better data security, featuring automatic data backup and real time network monitoring to prevent security threats. Several small businesses run the risk if loosing valuable data in the event that fire, theft or natural disaster destroys the local server. Hosting providers take daily backups of data 2-3 times a day to an off-site location, guaranteeing the safety of data. With a 99% uptime guarantee, small businesses can rest assured that their data is safe & accessible.
To estimate the approximate yearly savings accrued throughout the duration of one year, add all costs associated with managing QuickBooks & Peachtree locally including but not limited to:

 Datacenter management (physical)
 Infrastructure and network management (physical) )
 Infrastructure management and provisioning )
 Database management, provisioning & maintenance )
 Application server and middleware management and maintenance)
 Ongoing application management and support)
 Upgrade implementation)
 Travel time & expenses associated with working with geographically dispersed (clients)

And consider that the average cost of application hosting is about $ 50/month. The savings varies, but is always convincing. The only reason why all small to mid-sized businesses choose not to host their applications in the cloud tends to be a lack of education.
QuickBooks & Peachtree hosting are two popular examples of application hosting. Other examples include MS Office Suite, LaCerte, Proseries, Quicken & more. In general, most ASP providers can host any application as long as the business has the license number of the purchased software.