Hong Kong Vehicles For Environmentally Friendly Travel

.tags There’s not many ways that we can negotiate the need to travel in our daily life. Even in a relatively small geographical area like Hong Kong, the challenge of finding eco-friendly daily travel can be considerable. Today we explore some of the most convenient and earth-friendly ways to get about, from our own feet to Hong Kong new cars and Hong Kong vehicles. We also discover why buying Mercedes-Benz in Hong Kong could boost much more than just your self-esteem!

Green Get-Abouts: Driving Hong Kong Vehicles

We have been led to believe that the car is the major culprit for our current greenhouse situation, and that the only way to green our travel is to give up our Hong Kong vehicles completely. Fortunately, with innovative manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, this is not necessarily the case. Their new smart fortwo recently got the government stamp of approval as an Environment-Friendly Petrol Private Car. They set an enviable benchmark with carbon emissions, putting out less than 100g/km of CO2.

The smart fortwo has an ultra-modern equipment profile, with a trip computer, optional ambient interior lighting, USB and AUX ports on the audio system and a multi-channel digital amplifier.

The interior of the smart fortwo actually has quite a spacious feel, and there are substantial stowage facilities inside. You get all the benefits of being able to carry your life around in a Hong Kong new car, but without the excess weight that pushes emissions up and fuel efficiency down. With more and more drivers of Hong Kong new cars getting to work in single-passenger vehicles, the smart fortwo has the power to revolutionize the green credentials of motoring.

Green Get-Abouts: Walking

Walking is a transport option that improves both our personal health and the environment, in theory. In practice, there can be some respiratory issues with being outside in Hong Kong’s highly industrialized air, as opposed to being inside the filtered atmosphere of a Hong Kong vehicle.

Green Get-Abouts: Bicycling

Bicycling is one of the most energy-efficient modes of transport known to man – you’ll use up fewer kilojoules to transport yourself to work by bike than through walking, rollerblading or skateboarding. In a small city like Hong Kong, bicycling is definitely a viable mode of transport … as long as your workplace has a place to change out of your Lycra!

Green Get-Abouts: Sharing a ride

As we mentioned, most Hong Kong vehicles on the road have only a single passenger. Even amazingly efficient Hong Kong new cars like the smart fortwo have room for more than one person, though! Put up a notice on your message board at work stating that you have room in your car for most trips, or letting people know that you’re searching for a carpool buddy.