Hong Kong The Far East Connection For Alaska

.tags Recently Donald Tong Chi-keung, the most senior representative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, presented the industrial strengths, financial highlights and business potentials and the relationship of Hong Kong with the United States during his visit to Alaska.
In Anchorage, where he spoke at an Alaska World Affairs Council luncheon, and later while meeting officials in Juneau, he promoted Hong Kongs dominance in Asia as a capitalists marvel. The visit was aimed at enhancing industrial ties and foster economic relationships between the US and Hong Kong by bolstering its trading ties with Alaska.

“Our objective is to enhance awareness of Honk Kong and introduce Alaska to the role Hong Kong has in business here and mainland China,” he said.

One sector which can gain significant synergies is the Seafood trading sector, which is a key economic sector in Alaska. China is the second-largest export market for Alaskas seafood and according to official statistics Hong Kong imported nearly $ 12.1 million worth of seafood in 2009, while in the same year Chinas sea food import from Alaska amounted to $ 454.2 million.

Tong also highlighted the fact that Hong Kong is Alaska’s 14th largest export destination and has significant export interest in the mainland. The scenario underpins the fact that Alaskan enterprises can gain by incorporating Hong Kong companies to benefit from Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement with China. Since Hong Kong IPO landscape is getting stronger, ambitious Alaskan companies can also expand their Asian ventures by listing in Hong Kong where the capital market is growing strongly.

Commenting on the developments, Mr. Andrew Chen of Hong Kong company incorporation portal GuideMeHongKong.com said We believe that the visit is just a preface to an enduring and also mutually endearing economic relationship to be forged between Hong Kong and Alaska. Both share a lot of similarities as gateway to huge markets namely the US and China. As a gateway to China, the fastest growing economy in the world Hong Kong, has lots to offer. It is rated as the “freest economy” in the world for 16 consecutive years by the Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation, has the lowest corporate tax rates, yet not tainted as a tax haven because of its vibrant economy, world class infrastructure, financial services capabilities, logistic services and above all a stable, reliable political and judicial system nurturing a cosmopolitan society. So for enterprises, investors and entrepreneurs from Anchorage to Adelaide, no matter from where they are, Hong Kong is the best location to incorporate companies to manage Asian operations.