Honeymoon in Istanbul and Attractive Romantic Honeymoon Beaches


Perhaps many populaces can tell you that Istanbul, formerly known as Byzantine + Constantinople, is a city that straddles Asia + Europe, divided by the Bosporus River.

They can rattle off its famous sights – the Grand market, Blue Mosque, + Turkish baths or recount the amazing geological formations in Cappadocia.

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But only you + your beloved would remember how the ivory colored minarets stood out against summer’s blue sky the day you stroll through the park, hand in hand, on one of the best honeymoon getaways you could imagine.

Istanbul is the most incredible, most beautiful and most strange city of the world. Ancient, as pyramids of aztec and maya people; glamorous, as Paris; imperial, as London; majestic, as Moscow. Istanbul absorbed the most unique skin of all most famous cities of the world.

This is why millions of tourists from all over the world are drawn to this city all year round.

Everybody’s got to visit Istanbul at least once in a lifetime, but there is a category of travelers who not only need to but have to go to Istanbul. They are honeymooners.

There is no better place for spending a honeymoon than Istanbul. Right after the marriage, pack and leave for Istanbul! Here are some fun behaviors in Istanbul for honeymooners.

Istanbul is surounded by beaches, with twenty-plus beaches in Istanbul city to prefer from. You may have a hard time picking one or two to visit all through your vacation. We’ve compiled a list of the best Istanbul beaches with stunning, clean water and plenty of fun activities.

After spending a day at one of these beaches, you might think again spending the money, time and effort on heading down south of Turkey, when you can have just as pleasing of a beach vacation right here in Istanbul.

Famous Istanbul Beaches

Golden Beach

Visit Golden Beach for a more action-packed, thrilling day in the sun with your favorite people. Golden Beach, located in Rumelishisari, is a great place to go with friends and family to enjoy surfing, diving, and boating out in the water.

In addition, visitors can stay dry and take pleasure in rock climbing and small golf, as well as kick back and relax at the nearby bungalows for a cocktail through the Istanbul beach sunset. For anywhere from 15 to 30 Turkish liras, guests can enjoy the Istanbul beaches all through the night.

Nonstop Beach

Recommended as one of the best day spots in Istanbul Beaches, Nonstop Beach is the place for nonstop activity. From beach sports to water sports, Nonstop Beach has it all.

Get in on canoeing, jet skiing and volleyball, then relax and take in some live music at the local beach bar. The best part about Nonstop Beach is that it is less expensive andt crammed full of activities for everyone.

True Blue Beach

Notably the best beach spot in Istanbul to set up for the day is True Blue Beach that offers a fine experience for visitors.

Best Time to Visit Istanbul

Spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) are the best times to visit the Aegean and the Mediterranean coasts, as the climate is ideal then.

The climate is well and usually not too rainy, and it is not too crowded. In high season (July to mid September) the weather can be very hot and major tourist spots can be both packed and expensive.

At the height of summer, the coastal resorts are on fire hot and tourists may, like the locals, take a siesta during midday. From late October to early April, the beaches are devoid of activity.

The weather in winter is rainy and cold with high levels of air pollution but somewhere to stay prices are low because fewer tourist come at this time.