Hollywood stars show off tattooed bodies


Taking tattoos has become the popular art trend, especially for celebrities. Nowadays, tattoo is recognized to be at the peak of art with modern, sexy and stylish tattoos. For that reason, tattoos appear with famous stars on catwalk, on Red Carpet and in everywhere. Our handsome stars all show their pride in display tattooed bodies. Here are the most impressive tattoos of Hollywood stars, let’s enjoy!


Angelina Jolie– the Queen of Hollywood is famous for attractive beauty, great talent, and even for tattoos. Mrs. Smith has recently voted by 27% for her original tattoos of cross, Roman characters, dragons, etc.


The UK supermodal Kate Moss has enlarged her tattoo collection with tiny anchor on the right wrist


The actress Helen Mirren socks the world with small tattoo near her right thumb


In order to show the deep love to the husband- UK musician Seal, supermodel Heidi Klum tattooed her husband’s name on the right arm


Scarlet Johansson owns Hollywood’s most special tattoo. It’s the colorful tattoo of sunset on the left arm


Sara Michelle- the queen of horror film is addict with tattoos. She has recently shown off her tattoos of cherries


Leona Lewis the “gold” girl of UK music village Leona Lewis looks so charming with a modern dress and tattooed body with words along her back


Gemma Arterton-the most desirable star of 2010 get impressive with the tattoo of an angel wings near her left ear at “Clash of the Titans” introduction ceremony



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