Hollywood Actor Jeremiah David Turner Among Winners at the CineVegas Festival


Actor Jeremiah David Turner joined the winning stars of Hollywood on the red carpet this week for the special screenings and performances that were held at the 2009 CineVegas Festival that ended Sunday, June 14th.

Turner appears in the film Etienne!, an independent feature film about “the little things in life.” The film was locally produced and shot on location throughout California, and follows a young man on a journey with his hamster, Etienne.Etienne tells the inspirational story of a guy who takes his special dwarf hamster on a bike trip after it’s diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel will host a special screening of the new independent feature film “Etienne!,” at 8:00 p.m. on June 19. The hostel served as a shooting location for the film
“I am excited to be reunited with the cast and crew on the red carpet, and finally view the premiere of Etienne,” said Turner. “I am proud of our work under a great director and I am happy we won our first festival award at CineVegas.”

The movie premiere with red carpet walk and on a second showing was standing room only with family and children attending. Turner plays – Doug – in a hilarious film about a hamster that goes on an incredible adventure and journey of a lifetime down the California coast with his owner Richard – Richard Vallejos. Etienne, which was written, directed/edited by Jeff Mizushima and produced by Giacun Caduff.

Jon Voight were given the Marquee Award for his artistic excellence, professional accomplishment and dedication to cinema. Willem Dafoe was honored with the Vanguard Actor Award, which honors the distinctive mark he has made in film through his brave performances.

Additionally, CineVegas honored Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago with the inaugural Planet Illogica Award for Excellence in New Media. The award is handed to artists working in video gaming, who have pushed the envelope in storytelling. This year’s Vanguard Director Award honorees – George and Mike Kuchar took part in a live conversation before a screening of their new short films on Sunday, June 14. An outdoor screening of the Beatles Yellow Submarine also occurred at Mandalay Bay Beach on Saturday, June 13th.

Actor Jeremiah David Turner (ETIENNE, MILK, KARMA) will show some skin playing King Athamas in Scott Allan Stubbe’s THE MAENADS, a sexy, costume drama adaptation of Eurpides’ Greek tragedy THE BACCHAE about husbands with wives gone wild. The Maenads shoots in Los Angeles this summer. Move on Slumdog Millionaire, a little Hamster named ETIENNE is about to cross the finish line along California’s golden coast for what the film crew hopes will be a golden distribution finish.