Holidays in Gibraltar


Heaven on Earth is where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic; you can view three countries and two continents from one vantage point, , apes roam freely, English is spoken, currency is pounds, there is no VAT and the sun shines almost everyday of the year.

Don’t forget your passports! Gibraltar is a self governing British territory so you will need to show your passports to get across the border and you will also need to change some Euro’s to Gibraltar Pounds (or exchange UK Sterling one for one), however, many shops will take Euros and even US Dollars.

One of the first things you should do during your holidays in Gibraltar is to ride a cable car to the Upper Rock. This ride provides spectacular views all around and is also easier than climbing the steep Mediterranean Steps, which you can take on your way back down

The new and up market marinas offer the sophisticated traveler the chance to dine out Al fresco and watch the yachting fraternity come and go from Gibraltar in various types and sizes of vessels.

If it is sightseeing you are after there are a number of mini bus tours all plying for your trade in Market Square and it’s not a bad way to see the island actually. They will usually start by taking you out to Europa point where on a clear day you will have views out over North Africa and the Rif Mountains.

From here you will be taken up to St Michael’s Caves. These caves have supposedly been home to all sorts of people over the years, however, one of the oldest inhabitants has to be that of a Neanderthal man, his skull is on display to this day!

Gibraltar is full of venues that are romantic and have a tranquil garden full of fountains and waterfalls with flowers all around. Gibraltar is VAT-free and the prices, being very cheap, makes it a fun place to do all your shopping.