Holidays In Gibraltar – Tourist Attractions And Activities

.tags Known to many as simply ‘The Rock’, Gibraltar is a British territory which used to be one of the most important bases of the British Armed Forces. It is also a great destination for an exciting vacation. Indeed, though small in area, there are several things you can do during your holidays in Gibraltar.
One of the first things you should do during your holidays in Gibraltar is to ride a cable car to the Upper Rock. This ride provides spectacular views all around and is also easier than climbing the steep Mediterranean Steps, which you can take on your way back down.
Once at the Upper Rock, you can stop by the Apes’ Den where you can watch over two hundred Barbary Macaques – the only species of wild monkeys in Europe – play and interact with each other. These monkeys are well cared for by the local regiment, particularly since there is a superstition that the British will leave Gibraltar once the monkeys are gone, similar to the belief that Britain will fall when the ravens leave the Tower of London.
You should also take some time to explore St. Michael’s Cave, one of the most popular attractions in Gibraltar. Even if you’re not a spelunker, you’re sure to be fascinated by the limestone and stalagmite formations in the cave. During your holidays in Gibraltar, you can catch a stage play or a concert at the lower grotto, too, which is used as an auditorium.
The Great Siege Tunnels, also located on the Upper Rock are equally fascinating. Formerly known as the Upper Galleries, this maze of tunnels comprise one of the world’s best defense systems. You’re sure to learn a lot from the historical exhibits here, as well.
The Upper Rock, though, is not the only place to go to during your holidays in Gibraltar. You should also head out to Europa Point. From here, you can catch a glimpse of Tarifa, the southernmost point of Spain and Europe. You might even get to see the coast of North Africa from the lighthouse.
You can also head out to bay where you can watch groups of playful dolphins. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to see some whales. If you’re more of a bird-watcher, though, you can stay at the Jew’s Gate, where you can observe dozens of migrating birds.
In town, you can view the historical artifacts at the Gibraltar Museum, too, which is housed in a 14th century bathhouse. The museum at the Chapel of our Lady of Europa offers interesting displays of religious sculptures and relics, as well. Indeed, no matter where you go during your holidays in Gibraltar, you’re sure to find something to see and do that will make your holidays truly unforgettable.