Holidays at Albufeira!


Albufeira is very famous as the specific destination for young couples. Regardless of its enticing appeal for the youth, it is a great vacation destination for families with kids and older people. The Albufeira resort is very calm and serene and is a little away from the main summer vacation crowd. This allows people to enjoy a more intimate and fun environment. The beaches at Albufeira are very fine and beautiful. There are a wide range of restaurants and bars that offers great cuisine from all around the world, so it offers something to every visitor. Yet, you will find that the prices at the restaurants located in the Old Town and the Strip (or the sea front) are a little higher than the cost of the food you will be able enjoy at higher places up in the hill’s a little away from the sea shores.

Albufeira town is actually divided in a 2 division distinct. The first division includes the strip or the sea shore where you will enjoy visiting great modern shops and a series of nightclubs that offers you a fantastic evening and night life experience. The old town area is a sounder with cobbled streets, shops, restaurants and bars that are available throughout the town square. Albufeira is a famous winter vacation destination as you will be able to enjoy a range of winter activities that include fishing, boat trips, walking down the beautiful streets and lanes and visiting various beautiful golf courses to enjoy the game of golf.

Near the town of Albufeira, there is a traditional Portuguese fishing villages that is known as Alvor. It is located on a natural lagoon which is sheltered and opens out in the sea. Alvor is a town with an Old Parish Church which is located at the center of town. You will be able to enjoy a variety of Portuguese cuisines while visiting the great range of restaurants at Alvor.