Holidays are coming!


It definitely is nearing Christmas and the time for jolliness and mulled wine when you see the ol’ faithful Coca Cola advert on the television.

Advertising bosses have clearly got the message after last years’ disastrous efforts to make the advert a much more anticipated event. Annoyingly, the advert played just before Christmas 2009/2010 in such short clips that it probably cost Coca Cola more money to show the brief – as in 4 seconds brief- advert clips. The TV slots were so far and few between that the first few bars of each advert were played and then that was it. Leaving us ‘cold turkey’ until Christmas day, and even then I remember them playing such an edited version that it just didn’t feel the festive same.

This year however the advert slots/ timings are much better and are more or less complete. As soon as the first showing played during a popular soap interval a few weeks ago, Facebook came alive with status updates sharing love for the advert and that ‘the time of year’ is near and that ‘the holidays are coming’.

The lit up coca cola vans transporting their goods through the small wintery, snow laden villages is the fantasy Christmas day we would all love to experience.

Can you imagine if the TV advert came alive? Driving through villages throughout the UK would be enjoyed by so many and is definitely an exciting step for Coca Colas global media campaign.

It would probably cost a lot of money but the response would worth it. The brand has been a fast growing household brand so anyone who wanted to invest could bring a little Christmas cheer. In fact all volunteers would need is a good road map, a few twinkly lights and used vans. Aberdeen to London could be driven over the course of a long weekend, and with a few drivers involved could definitely get everyone in the mood for the holidays.