Holiday Villa In Spain An Unique Experience

.tags Spain as a tourism destination is gaining popularity nowadays. The picturesque landscape, sandy beaches, the golden sunshine throughout the year is awe inspiring enough to attract tourists from across the world. With its growing popularity the country is offering unique opportunities to explore the place one of which is the luxury of staying at a Holiday villa in Spain.
The beauty of Coastal villas:-
Along the coastline of Catalonia, you will find beautiful coastal villas anywhere in between Costa Brava in the north, El Maresme near Barcelona and the Costa Dorada in the South. These villas are actually stylish old country houses located near beaches. They usually have 7-8 tastefully decorated apartments, each apartment catering to 2-5 people. Depending on the size of the group, you can book more that one apartment. Each apartment is separate from one another and sports a stylish and unique interior dcor. All the apartments have lovely views of a large garden with the green valley in the background. You can take a plunge into the deep blue water of the swimming pool. Most villas have playground for toddlers as well as athletic ground for different other sports. Honeymoon couples looking for privacy can opt for small villas which are sweet little decent houses with double bed room, kitchen, bathroom and balcony .The rooms of all villas are provided with standard equipments and maximum amenities.
Diversity of scenery in Country side villas:-
The country side of Catalunya offers a diversified landscape that makes it so unique, ranging from the bold mountains of Pyrenees to the sandy deltas of the river Ebre. You can choose to stay at a traditional stone house in the centre of the mountain village Farena or a historical mill amidst beautiful landscape renovated and redecorated into spacious apartments. Ever dreamt of staying in a 12th century castle? You can fulfill that dream too by staying at an annex building next to the castle of Riudabella. If your favorite is the farmhouse style, you can experience that too with family and even group. If you are looking for some place stylish and gorgeous, you can opt for highland Catalan countryside villas offering you one of the most stunning sunset views you have ever experienced.
So, start planning in advance and choose any beautiful and stylish holiday villa in Spain as your next tourism destination.