History of Knutsford – Cheshire


If you go to Cheshire East in the northwest of England, it is a great idea to visit Knutsford – Cheshire. This is both a civil parish and town. Manchester is located about 15 miles south-east of this town.


The town is situated in between the Peak District in the South Pennines to the east and the Clwydian Range in the mountains of Wales to the west.It is a popular part of England for dining out and has more restaurants per square mile than anywhere other than London in England. Being so close to Manchester has seen it become an attractive town to commute for the more affluent Manchester business people.


You will find the entrance to Tatton Park at one end of King Street (sometimes referred to as Bottom Street). The Egerton family once owned the Tatton estate and it has its name as a Parliamentary constituency. Indeed, the Member of Parliament for Tatton Park is currently (May 2010) Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne. Other distinguished former representatives include Martin Bell, the former BBC war journalist and Neil Hamilton, the former Conservative Party M. P.


Knutsford is seen as the prominent town within this constituency which also has Alderley Edge and Wilmslow as neighbouring communities.


The town was entered as Cunetesford into the Doomsday Book in 1086 meaning Canutes ford. Local tradition would have it that the King forded the perilous River Lily but the English Place Name society prefer to say that the name comes from the old English word for hillock (Knutr). The town has been called various different names over time from Knotesforde in the late thirteenth century to Knyzteford at the turn of the fifteenth century.


General George S Patton is believed to have delivered a speech here in Knutsford which was said to have virtually ended his career, shortly before the invasion of Normandy during World War Two.


The years after the end of World War Two saw an overspill of housing being built here as people sought to get away from the Victorian slums in areas such as Moss Side and Hulme. Any properties which had not been sold to their occupants by 2002 were transferred from the local authority to Manchester Methodists, a Housing Association.


By 2005, Knutsford – Cheshire had become the most expensive town in all of the North of England to buy a house, followed by Altrincham, only a few miles away. Prices range from 85,000 pounds to over two million pounds. The massive difference in house price has created somewhat of a social division similar to those in nearby places such as Wilmslow, Alderley Edge and Altrincham.