Historical Place – Route 66 Attractions


I had been always wondering what exactly do route 66 attractions carry in them and from where does it start and end. It was not until a month back that I visited this place and I got complete up-to-date information on route 66. The route 66 attractions start from Chicago and wound its way across other eight states and end at Santa Monica California. These attractions have created business, memories and townships for people to fill the excitement of the place. There is lots of value and history attached to these places as modernization may not be very important to many people. The brief history about route 66 attractions is that Route 66 was a historic highway in the United States that extends from Chicago to Los Angeles, this route crossed much parts of American Midwest, southwest, great plains. Lets talk about route 66 attractions in brief:


The Sears Tower – the sears tower in Chicago is 110 storey building that stands tall at 1,450 feet, it was built in the year 1974. It was one of the tallest buildings in the world when it was built until the Petronas towers in Malaysia were built in the year 1998. Today, sears tower has been renamed to willis tower.


The Chain of Rocks Bridge – it was one of the famous crossing of Route 66 that passed Mississippi river, it was a narrow bridge and is famous for 22 degree bend over the river. The road is open to pedestrians during the day time and closed for vehicles.


The Jefferson National Memorial – the memorial was built in the year 1965 to commemorate the expansion of westward. The gateway arch is part of the memorial and the arch stands at 630 feet high and over 630 wide at its base. The underneath is a free museum that explores the Louisiana purchase.


Meramec Cavens – is located in Missouri, it was termed as “The jesse James hideoout” under a disputed claim, the advertisements were painted up and down of the route 66.


Devil’s Elbow  – is located on the big piney river in Missouri over the Ozark mountains, it offers amazing scenic beauty of nature and with good atmosphere around the place.


There are several route 66 attractions till the time finally where it ends up in Santa monica, California. Other route 66 attractions include the Shrine mosque, Schifferdecker Park, the Marsh Arch Bridge, the U-Drop Inn, the Devil’s Rope Museum, the leaning water tower in groom, the big Texan in Amarillo, the Cadillac ranch, Glenrio, texas, the blue swallow motel, the blue hole, pecos national historical park, St. Francis Cathedral, La Bajada Hill, Coronado state monument, Frontier restaurant, the painted desert, the petrified forest national park, Meteor Crater, Two gun, Arizona, Lowell observatory, Oatman, Amoby, the site of world first McDonald in California, wigwam motel, the Pasadena Freeway. Other attractive shopping centres and historic places in Route 66 are the historic Nob Hill district, university of new Mexico, Downtown – the District, Alvarado Transportation center, Crossroads mall, Kmo theatre and art gallery and also the historic old town.