Historical Gold Prices


Gold is basically hedge against inflation. If inflation increases of any country, investors buy gold to balance their portfolios and the price of gold. So, I n-inflation of the price of gold rises and falls of the stock market.

Crude oil price has a direct impact on oil imports would be created in each country. Increase in imports the trade deficit grows Bill (Export – Import) countries. Trade deficit would hit the value of the currency of the country. This affects the economics of money, inflation, leading to there. So if you increase the price of crude oil, gold is also up.So there is some indirect relationship between these three things (ie, gold, crude oil and intelligence). So, to evaluate the relationship between these three things, the next survey is carried out.

Compare prices of gold, crude and clever; the researcher has price data for five years (Apr’2005-Apr’2010). The daily rates of these three cases are to calculate the average monthly price. This historical price of gold has been collected ncdex.com, oil prices have been collected and form a nifty data collected nseindia.com. Using these data, the researcher tries to discover the following things

1. Monthly price movements and average yields of crude oil, and witty.

2. Using the average monthly price, researcher calculated the monthly average yield of gold, crude oil and intelligent.

3. The researcher used the correlation method and cross-price elasticity’s of demand concepts to evaluate the relationship between gold and gold & Smart & materials.

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