Hip Hop Jewelry



Hip hop artists alwasy come out with influentials lines of clothers, jewelry and perfumes which effect the wasy people are dressing. Such hip hop moguls include Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Jay Z and Russell Simmons have all created successful hip hop lines which include hip hop jewelry and have contributed to the hip hop jewelry trends around the world, particularly in the United States.

The latest hip hop jewelry trend are custom made belt buckles. The hip hop fashion industry have seriously taken hip hop jewelry to the next level. These custom made belt buckles come in two different forms. The first is a name plate on the belt buckle and the other is the high tech belt buckle adorning a LED scrolling screen. This hip hop jewelry trend has taken off tremendously with some of the biggest hip hop names showing off their custom made hip hop jewelry belts.

This Hip Hop jewelry trend shows off the initials of the people or the entire name in celebs favorite bling which are diamonds. Custom created belt buckles can also express famous celebrity expressions such as Paris Hilton’s “That’s Hott” slogan.

The alternative custom made belt buckle is the LED Scrolling screen. The design is a rectangular shaped belt buckle with a LED screen that is placed on top of it. The person then inputs up to eight of their favorite messages to show up on the screen. This hip hop jewelry screen messenger will then display these messages one at a time by either scrolling across the screen or for added exposure they can brightly flash across the screen.

This is a popular hip hop trend that has caught on fast not only between celebrities but with the public as well. Society may not have enough money for real bling bling, but there are definitely imitation hip hop jewelry custom belt buckles that are being exhibited on people’s waists all around the United States in the hip hop communities.

Not only have these hip hop pieces been the talk of the town but an actual hip hop jewelry event has taken many people by surprise. Recently the Phillips de Pury & Co. sold huge amounts of hip hop jewelry from famous hip hop celebrities such as Sean Combs, Notorious BIG, Lil’ John Kayne West and the big seller Tupac Shakur with a large amount of the proceeds going to charity. This is not a normal hip hop jewelry trend yet it is the start to a new trend that auction houses would like to begin due to the extreme popularity of hip hop and the proceeds that it generates.


Hip hop artists are always looking in the next big thing to invest in whether it be a rising hip hop star or a rising hip hop jewelry trend. These jewelry trends occur at any given moment. For now, custom built belt buckles are in and hip hop jewelry auctions are on the rise for jewelry from big name Celebrities whose fashion trends will never be outdated.