Highlights Of Rio De Janeiro In November 2010 Part 2

.tags As a tourist destination, Rio de Janeiro is considered by many to be a top priority due to the fact that it has a lot to offer. Some relevant examples are the exciting nightlife, the wonderful beaches, the people, and the culture and so on. What makes Rio even more incredible is the fact that it is a very active city, basically every single month of the year there are a couple of events that are worth mentioning. November is no exception to this rule as we saw in the first part of the article. With this sequel, we will continue to point out what we consider to be important events that will be organized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this November 2010.

The Soccerex Global Convetion is a world trade show that will open its doors on November 20th and will last four days. The event will feature round tables, important meetings and active debates. The organizers expect more than four thousand people to attend to this event, coming from more than a hundred countries, for a gathering of 300 exhibitors. This year, the League Summit will be held for the first time, which is a meeting of the organizers of the main world championships, like Englishs Premier League, Italys Serie A, Spains Primera Division, Germans Bundesliga, Frances Ligue 1 and of course, the Brazilian Championship.

A highlight of this event will be a tribute to the 40th anniversary of being the world champion three times in a row. For this occasion, soccer legends, Brazilian players, culture and music people will participate in a soccer beach tournament. The Soccerex Festival shall take place in an arena set up right on the golden sands of the famous Copacabana beach, and it shall have a team of former players such as Holands Rud Gullit, Englands Bryan Robson, Argentines Adiles and Brazils Carlos Alberto Torres and Bebeto. The Conference shall be held during three days at the Copacabana Fort, and there shall be a products and services tradeshow and meetings between the worlds soccer main agents.

Also on November 20th is the Zumbi dos Palmares Black Consciousness Day which will celebrate the anniversary of the death of the leader who set the interior of Brazil in motion in the 17th century by forming the Quilombo of Palmares, as a resistance against slavery. The venue for this event will be Praa Onze – Av. Presidente Vargas Downtown. This will coincide with the National Black Pride Day which will honor the man who dedicated his entire life to fighting for freedom of his race. This date is celebrated with ceremonies at the Zumbi Monument.

The last major event that will be organized in Rio de Janeiro will be the International Sand Sculpture Competition which will be organized starting with November 21th until December 5th 2010. The venue for this event will be Enseada de Botafogo – Praia de Botafogo – Botafogo.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to do in Rio de Janeiro, besides the areas and activities that made Rio what it is today.