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Foreign education is a booming business today, as students from many lands dream and seek to pursue higher education abroad. United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand happen to be the most popular destinations.

Why study abroad?

Some good reasons to study abroad.

Multilingual and multicultural environment:
Studying abroad is an opportunity to be a multicultural environment and learn new foreign language part. It gives you a firsthand sense of the different cultures and origins.

Techno makes you more wisdom:
The education system abroad happens to be very different than prevails in India. It contains a lot of attention to education on the practical aspects, so they are tech savvy students and more practical.

The degree of value:
Foreign maximize their employment opportunities and puts you on your return on investment. This is one good reason why you should not take the cost, but investment.

Foreign Higher Education Consultants The importance of:

Foreign education consultants play an important role in achieving their dreams. They act as a navigator the entire process. There are a lot of the complexity of the whole process of studying abroad. Working good consultant becomes very important here. They are the ones who make their dreams a reality. In depth knowledge is very important, and these vital decisions. A good consultant in higher education should not only help you perform the task, but it is also clear that it is available in the right direction. It’s about students’ future and that is the reason, the focus and awareness necessary from the outset.

Selection of right kind of schools play a key role throughout the process. Selecting a good and accredited school, ensure their future employment prospects and the value of your degree.

Why study in the U.S.?

Introduction to the country:

Multicultural population
The world’s largest economy
Less than 5% unemployment rate
The maximum number of MNC
Very technical and flexible education system
Strong links between educational institutions and the business world
A unique feature OPT stay back options
More than 300 courses to choose
States with well-developed educational system

Student visa types:

F1 visa in light of a full-time degrees M1 Visas light of the full-day courses, and professional degrees
So the student should set a budget and look at universities within.
Three main areas must be shown to students’ bags of visas:

Serious students’ academic
Intention to return
Financial capability
Unique OPT Feature:

You can get a legal work permit, called the OPT for up to 1 year after the course of competition. The Company may, to support their H1-B visa, which is a legal work permit visa. It will be six years to apply for a green card.

Break even achieved by availing, OPT function. It also provides a platform for gathering exposure and experience in the international market.

Why study in the UK?

Britain has long been popular with Indian students studying in the UK. With more than 150 higher education institutions to choose from. The UK is one of the few countries that allows international students to work even outside the campus. Students can work up to 20 hours per week during semester and full time during vacations.

Various Postgraduate and United Kingdom education institutes in the program of study offered:

Higher duration is 3-4 years.
This is a sandwich course enables students learning to do business for one year after the first 2-year undergraduate degree and then go back to the third year.
HND awarded in vocational and technical education councils. Duration is 2 years old.
Master’s degree is usually one year, thus saving costs and living expenses in time.

Why study in Australia?

Australia is one of the best places to live. This young, energetic and friendly countries. It also has a unique kind of education system, which offers and provides opportunities to meet certain academic requirements.

2000, Australia introduced the education of foreign students (ESO) Act 2000. ESO shall ensure that, in order to register as foreign students, institutions must first meet the requirements for registration. All institutions which meet the requirements for registration are included in the publicly available Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students CRICOS).

ESO legislation provides consumer protection. This means that you get the education they paid for, and your fees are protected by copyright laws.

Under the Skilled Migration program, international students get the opportunity to stay back in Australia thus giving them their return on investment, and also provide a better lifestyle.

Why study in New Zealand?

Probably the most important reason to study in New Zealand is an absolute guarantee of obtaining a student visa if you are a large number of student and student policies that are friendly and very, very helpful. If you have the above you will be called “positive profile” of student-student visas Immigration New Zealand team. All these visa officers rational decisions rather than whimsical decisions based on “mood”.

Tips for choosing the right university

Location should be chosen taking into account various factors such as cost of living, safety, destinations, airports and so on. For ex. London happens to have the highest cost of living. So, if money is an important student, he can choose a school in London.

Accreditation and Ranking:
UK universities are ranked in various organs. The rankings are based on the quality of education provided, student satisfaction, etc.

Course Accreditation: It is also important to check with a given degree accredited university that you want to continue their education. There are certain courses that are accredited in the United Kingdom, to be held by certain bodies.

Fellowships and Scholarships: Different universities offer different scholarships which in turn helps to reduce the cost of education for international students.

Research facilities: Research facilities and laboratory equipment should also be borne in mind, choosing the right university.

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