Heavy Snowfall Leaves Europe Paralyzed


Heaviest snowfall and most freezing weather in Europe have caused travel chaos and paralysation during the past 30 years. Almost of the flights were canceled making passengers get stuck in the European airports. In particular, 50 flights of British Airways were canceled from London’s Heathrow Airport, while nine Easyjet flights to and from British airports including Gatwick and Luton were delayed. Besides, important sport events such as football matches, racing and rugby fixtures were discarded. The most influential countries by heavy snowfall including Russia, Britain, France and Germany raised the disruption in rail and air travel. According to Eurostar, the rail service linking England and France, trains just took about two-thirds of the schedule from London. British forecasters stated that icy winds or called big freeze from the northern Europe had become stronger after the temperatures’ reaching to 14 celsius (7F) and even lower in somewhere. As a result, the snow thickness of 20cm (8in) could most violent hit the southeast of the Britain in the next 24 hours. Moreover, hundreds of accidents and mile-long traffic jams occurred all over the country due to the road blocks by thick snow.

Tourists in Paris and Frankfurt, Germany experienced the coldness and the heaviest snowfall in almost 25 years in these countries

Snow even fell in Spain, the warmest region of Europe

Snow and frost covered the sample of airplane at Mini-Europe part in Brussels, Belgium

A fisherman in Slovakia was going fishing despite the freezing temperature below 10 Celsius

A female policewoman stood guarding in the coldness at Red Square in Moscow, Russia

Workers were sweeping out snow at Red Square in Moscow, Russia

A man was waiting for the train in the suburb of Paris. Due to the thick snowfall, Charles de Gaulle-Roissy airport, Paris was blocked on December 8

A woman pulled a skiing board carrying her daughter in the city of Reims, France

Umbrellas were used to protect visitors from the cover of snow fall when they went along the Pyramid entrance of the Louvre Museum in Paris

A man walked in the snow rain near the Brandenburg Gate, in Berlin, Germany

A car was spotted driving in a snow-covered road in the south of Germany viewed from a street mirror. Heavy snow in the southern Germany caused the temperature under the freezing point



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