Headphones In India


Headphones are a bliss for the music lovers who want to hear loud, clear and uninterrupted music on their system (PC), or while on the move. Standard headphones are generally a bit larger, however with the invention of portable music players, these are now available in the smaller forms, known as ear buds. These type of headphones can fit into you pocket without fighting for the space, ear buds as the name suggests are of the size of typical ear buds and can fit right into your ears. More so as the technology goes berserk into making devices more compact, and hassle free, wireless headphones have been doing the rounds of the market, off late. With choices aplenty, consumers are bound to get confused while buying headphones in India.

The solution might correspond to the fact that “buy only what you require”. On a explanatory note, identify your requirements, plan your budget, choose your brand, and most importantly go through a couple of expert reviews. Some of the major companies offering headphones in India include Philips, Sony, iBall, Apple and Monster. SBCHP840 is one of the latest Philips headphones, sporting large ear cups that completely encircle the ears. With a 40 mm XL neodymium drivers, these headphones output a pretty good sensitivity of around 106 dB. The rated frequency response for is 8 – 29000 Hz, which comprehends with the sensitivity factor to deliver optimal audio quality. The Philips headphones are accompanied by a detachable 3 meter cable with a 3.5 mm 24K gold plated connector and an additional 6.3 mm gold plated connector .

Apple earphones are quite popular amongst the consumers for their good and distortion free sound quality. These headphones are a necessity, particularly for those users who are using any of the apple products like Ipod or iphone for that matter. The reason being, that the Apple devices offer very low compatibility with other manufacturer accessories- other major factor being that Apple headphones along with the compatible devices produce a pretty admirable audio output.

Mdr-e10 is one of the latest Sony in ear Headphones in India, which sports Fontopia Headphones with a L-Shaped Stereo Mini Plug. Further the Neodymium Magnet coupled with L-Shaped stereo mini plug provides powerful bass and treble sound. The sensitivity is 104dB/mW along with a power handling capacity 0.1W and impedance of 16 ohms. The cord length is around 1.2 m, and it weighs approx. 6g. For more information on Headphones including Philips headphones, Apple headphones, Sony in-ear headphones in India, and expert reviews, please log on to www.thinkdigit.com.