Have Fun With 1920’s Costumes On Halloween


Though 1920’s fashion is maybe not what you would wear everyday, it has seriously left its influence over the ages until today. Female 1920’s costumes are most known as flapper dresses and look wonderful, while mens will get a great gangster suit . The Roaring 20’s costumes have a lot to show and many styles you can choose from.

For a Roaring Twenties theme party, and even for Halloween, the flapper dress is a great choice. For a sexy and elegant look, yet provocative and rebel as girls could be at this time, a flapper costume does everything for you. You will ususally find sexy dress dripping with fringe and a feather headband to be a complete female 1920’s costume. Add to these few accessories like a cigarette holder, a boa and sexy shoes and you’ll be gorgeous.

The flapper coat, in faux-fur material is another style of flapper costume and spices up your look even more. There are of course many styles of flapper dress, generally short, though longer styles are available too.

As for male 1920’s costumes, the gangster costume is the one everyone thinks of and it’s actually hard to avoid it. It can be an ideal group costumes for friends who want to keep the same style, though there are many various styles available too. You may choose a full black or grey suit, but everyone will love your costume with stripes. A hat is something you may want to add to complete the ensemble, and you may like a white scarf too.

The ultimate item you may want to wear is a toy gun.

The Roaring 20’s have brought you great flapper dresses and gangster costumes that will be absolute hits at the party. Wearing one will reveal your rebel and bad behavior. Be careful with criminal activities if you party with gangs. Rock Halloween in your 1920’s Costumes!