Hatch Green Chile

.tags Harvey Morrow and I were driving through the fields of Hatch, New Mexico. I do not know that at the time, but the Morrow family owns hundreds of acres in southern New Mexico Valley, enough to become the best producer in the chiles, onions and other staples. Of course, I was interested in green chili, and check out my decision, I would have driven 1000 miles to discuss my dreams, starting with the delicatessen business. Morrow Farms only place for me.

“So, y’all want to get into the business in Chile.” He commented.

I did. My wife was to create a green chile sauce in our kitchen in California and it was worth bottling. As a guy who built a baseball, knowing the fans will come, I was confident we could corner the market some of the gourmet sauce.

Harvey Morrow was a soft spoken man, one of few words, who wore a straw cowboy hat and denim shirt. Today, he chewed on something like the way the hay, but it could be a toothpick. I wondered why he took the time to take me through the fields, and why he even considered my request for the purchase of green chile from his family. He got a lot of City Slickers like me who yearned for a bumpy and dusty ride through the ranks of alfalfa and Chile?

I told him about the green sauce, we have created and my passion for herbs. Chile, I explained, was in my blood. Heck, it was in my bones. What was it about New Mexico, Chile, which was so well? So different?

From him I learned that Luke valley was once a volcanic eruption and a hot wash may be that Chile did taste so good. One thing was for certain, the best of Chile planted and harvested in southern New Mexico.

White truck Ford finally stopped at the edge of the countless rows of Hatch Chile plants. Harvey put both hands on the wheel and looked at thousands of rows in front of us. Perhaps it was the farmers of meditation, or maybe he’s just admiring the crop. Straight line, living green on top of a mountain rich in fertile soil.

I reached the door, but waited until he looked around. Farmers, I learned quiet by nature. Introspective lot of time and for the most part, they can be philosophical, but many of them are too low to share the wisdom they learned from the ground.

“You want hot or mild chile? In the end, he said.

I’ve never been in a fraternity in college, and had only one brother, so I never had to prove a lot in my life. No beginning of man, crazy acts of bravado. Not even been tested in war or were human. Of course, I’ve had some success in business, but sitting in that truck with a man like Harvey just brought all of these male hormones to the fore. Hot and mild.