Haridwar – Gateway To Heaven

.tags Haridwar is a major pilgrimage spot and an important tourist destination in Northern India. You can take a trip to Haridwar in order to merge as one with the sheer beauty of the place. Pilgrims flock in great numbers to this bustling town and the town is also crowded during the festive seasons with rows and rows of devotees chanting and lighting lamps, beefing up the entire charm of the place. In order to get a dose of the true essence in Haridwar, you will have to spend some time in the town and let the sights and sounds of the city grow on you, by staying in Haridwar hotels.

There are many hotels in the town of Haridwar, and almost all these hotels provide great services and good value for money. Some of the hotels in the town of Haridwar that offer rooms for budget prices are Rahi Motel, Hotel Gayatri Classic, Hotel Deep, Shri Ram Sharnam Ashram, Hotel Ganga Azure and Hotel Bhagwati Niwas. These are budget hotels that are targeted at traveling families looking for a place to stay. Haridwar being a very popular pilgrimage spot normally sees a lot of such pilgrims who flock to the town in families and the hospitality and lodging industry is thus thriving in the town.

Rooms in these budget hotels will be very well furnished with all the latest amenities. The rooms will also have twenty four hour water supply with regular hot water supply too. The rooms in these budget hotels in Haridwar will also offer the residents with a perfect view of the outside proceedings, and the colorful Indian panorama can be witnessed as you lie back on your chair in your room.

Budget hotels in Haridwar normally charge anywhere around 700 INR to 1500 INR, depending on the type of room availed. The available types are AC and non AC rooms. Air conditioning is required in the town of Haridwar during the summer months and opting for an air conditioned room can actually be a good choice during this time.

As Haridwar is a major pilgrimage center, the rooms will normally be booked well in advance. You will need to plan your trip first and make sure that you obtain proper accommodation before jumping to conclusions and taking a trip to the temple town of Haridwar. The restaurants in these hotels also have a wide collection of cuisines and are very popular among the tourists.