Hard Hat Stickers and Decals


Hard Hat Stickers and Decals are an essential part of any construction safety program. Hard hat stickers are a constant reminder from every person that encounters another that safety should always be first and foremost, and what better way to keep it in the forefront than in your face.

Hard hat stickers have been around for years, but often many company management teams fail to recognize the true value in having them as a part of their personal protection equipment. To prove this valuable point and to drive home the safety added value, take any sign, license plate, roadside sign, real estate yard sign or even a bumper sticker, if you see it you can’t help but read it. Stickers and decals are no exception to this emphatic point of it being read.

If you see hard hat stickers you read them, and if you read them, they stick in your brain, period. Therefore, stickers or decals are very important and added value to your safety program.

Whether you place hard hat stickers on the front, the side, or even on the back of your hard hat, you are sending out a message that is sure to be read. Stickers and decals can actually be a trademark for your personal interests or even make a statement about who you are.

If you are a part of a union, maybe pipe fitters, iron workers, trade union, or whatever group, club, or trade, you should display it with stickers and decals. Be proud, be bold, and be seen and display your values.

Many new construction sites are seen as a group of workers that involve several trades, all working together to construct a new building or complex. To display the different trades or even display your employees by name, why not use hard hat stickers to give everyone the benefit of knowing who there are talking to or hearing from. The ability to know people by name, using stickers or decals to put their name on their hard hat is a great communication tool without anyone really knowing it.

So, if stickers or decals are not on your team or company’s employees, they should be. Safety is and will always be the first and foremost importance of any construction, why not add small but powerful stickers or decals to display messages that never get old.

To further involve your team or construction group, give them the choice of choosing the type of stickers they want to display. You’ll be glad you did them the favor. They are your company, keep them safe.