Halloween Vs Christmas


It is said that comparisons are odious and it is therefore not proper to sit in judgment as to which of the two – Halloween or Christmas – provides more excitement and greater mirth and merriment. We will therefore confine ourselves to highlighting the striking distinctions between the two and let each individual to decide his/her preference.

Halloween only lasts just for day whereas Christmas lasts more than a week. For this reason, many wish if there could be a way to extend Halloween for a few more days.

When it comes to dressing, Halloween gives you a lot of freedom and you can go about wearing clumsy clothes disguising yourself and try to become a different character to draw the attention of all those present. Christmas has religious overtones and you visit the church and attend special prayers and sing carols.  On Christmas day, you are generally found wearing your best attire and you receive a lot of gifts – particularly if you are below 18 years.

A recent online voting has revealed Christmas holidays are more favored by families than Halloween holidays. FamilyFun.com, one of the popular online family resources, polled its visitors on Halloween and found that many families begin planning for the event weeks in advance and most of them expressed a preference for homemade costumes.

“Halloween is by far one of the busiest times at FamilyFun.com. The moms start searching for Halloween suggestions as early as May and the demand climaxes during in October right up until the 31st,” says Emily Smith, vice-president of FamilyFun.com.

Some find Christmas lot more exciting because the Christmas spirit pervades the atmosphere and one sees wreaths that go up on the roadsides and on streetlights as also the gaudy lighted candy canes that hang from trees all round.  Illumined Christmas trees and Santa Claus are found ubiquitously in all departmental stores. Some people enjoy Christmas better and some people enjoy Halloween better but most people enjoy both despite the fact they provide two different types of excitement.

Celebrating Halloween and Christmas in the school classrooms quite often poses a dilemma for teachers. It is a fact that some hardcore Christians consider Halloween as a pagan, demonic holiday and will oppose conjecturing witches and black cats that may have a bad influence on children. There are others who deem celebration of Halloween as a promotion of Christian teachings to highlight the triumph of good over evil. Caught in a controversy, most children miss both Halloween celebrations and the concomitant fun at schools.

There are suggestions in some quarters that Halloween can be celebrated as an autumn festival getting rid of the traditional fancy costumes and trappings of a pagan holiday. It is their thinking that Halloween can lay stress on crop harvesting and treated as an agricultural festival.

Presenting Halloween and Christmas more as global festivals representing the world’s best traditions and cultures and removing all religious bias, should ward off all criticism. Such interpretation will also allow students to imbibe the cultural diversity and make them understand better universality of human brotherhood.