Halloween Quiz Spices Up Your Halloween Holiday


Halloween is around the corner! Have you prepared something interesting for this holiday? Do you mean to enjoy this holiday by trick-or-treating, attending costume parties and discos as usual? To make your Halloween special, you may try your best to thrill people around you and share the happiness with them. There are a number of ideas you could come up with on Halloween, but making a Halloween quiz sounds a good one to entertain your friends.

People of different groups can get fun from creating and sharing the compelling Halloween quizzes. There are some useful tips for you to maximize the utilities of the quiz creation in Halloween.


Liven up the Halloween party

If you are going to host a party, besides costumes and dancing, you may add the Halloween quiz program in it, letting everybody answer the questions. The participants who give the right answers will be awarded with surprising gifts! Both the adults and kids will enjoy the party. As we know, kids love trivia quizzes, and you may find that almost all the adults wanting to participate. Make sure that you prepare enough answer sheets!

If you don’t want to go out for a big party, you may host a Halloween quiz competition at home with families and friends. That will bring you lots of fun too!


Get benefits from Halloween quizzes

If you are running a pub, club or bar, then advertise your Halloween Quiz program and see the difference it brings. October 31st is a Sunday night, unless you offer something special you will lose most visitors to the some other activities. Ask them to take a Halloween quiz and offer the winners some special prizes. You can divide them into several groups and have a quiz competition, or you can organize the quiz like “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”. The winners may get a few beers as the prizes. That could be fun and it can bring you more customers, making normal dead night alive.


This works in running a super market or a small shop too. Making a Halloween quiz to engage the participants and provide them big discounts in this Halloween season.


Test their knowledge of Halloween

Halloween is a very important holiday for people who live in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. It involves long history and interesting custom. Teacher may pass the knowledge to students and making fun quizzes to test what they have master about Halloween. In this case, making a quiz online will help you spread your knowledge widely and quickly. And the students may share the Halloween quizzes to more people. Remember to add detailed explanation in the feedback for quiz takers to help them learn more.


Make you become popular

Halloween related topics are hot in these cold days. As a blogger or webmaster, you can create some Halloween contents to drive more traffic to you sites. If you don’t know what to write about, making a Halloween quiz can be nice. There are couples of quiz sites for you to create nice quizzes online for free, and you can share them on your sites. But to make your quizzes outstanding, creating them in the form of animated and interactive Flash files would be better. So some Flash quiz maker would be in need.


Seriously, you can thrill people all around you with a Halloween quiz, and even scare the pants off them! You will make it a fabulous night. How to make your quiz thrilling? A plain text quiz may not help. Now quiz maker like Wondershare QuizCreator with powerful multi-media integration features enables you to insert images, audio, Flash movie or even Flash video to the quiz. Collect some terrible objects such as Halloween pictures, Halloween music, and Halloween video to decorate your quiz. People will love a quiz like that.


Here is a Halloween quiz. And turn your audio on…

Now, you may know what Halloween quiz can bring to you. So prepare yourself for the coming Sunday, 31st October, and create your Halloween quiz that everybody is longing for.