Halloween Cookie Cutter Sets The Good The Bad And The Downright Spooky

.tags Its amazing how many Halloween cookie cutter sets are out there in the marketplace today. Youll find cookie cutters in nearly any shape you can imagine that pertains to the holiday of Halloween: witches, witch hats, black cats, ghosts, ghouls, monsters with Medusa-type hair and haunted houses just waiting for someone to spread gloomy black icing over their doors. Of course there are the standard pumpkins, but nowadays you have your pick among classic pumpkins of all shapes and sizes or jack o lanterns sporting toothy grins. Your selection is obviously exciting, but how does one decide which Halloween cookie cutter sets are good, bad, or not worth the money at all? Here are some hints.

Halloween cookie cutter sets that are good: These sets are made well from materials that stand the test of time. You will keep these cookie cutters for years and look forward to using them each October. They will be constructed in hardy metal or silicone; if dropped, they will not shatter or bend. These cutters allow for cookies that are well-shaped; they do not stick excessively to dough. The good Halloween cookie cutter set matches the type of baking you enjoy doing. If you are a basic baker and do not plan to create intricate haunted house motifs, your cookie cutter set is simple and straightforward. If you are more creative and enjoy taking the time to really decorate, your set matches your baking personality.

Halloween cookie cutter sets that are bad: These sets often start out in the good category, but they soon show their true colors. Bad sets can be easily broken. They do not yield well-cut cookie shapes and instead result in blob-like formations that your guests finally agree all look like ghosts. These sets do not inspire the fledgling baker to create Halloween cookies each October; in fact, they can frustrate a novice and keep him or her from attempting the feat again.

Halloween cookie cutter sets that are ugly: These sets come with an added horror: Identify theft. Online merchants still exist that are not reputable. There are definitely people out there in cyberspace preying on those who purchase items. Make sure the site you use is secure. This is one type of trick that you absolutely do not need as part of your Halloween.