Halloween Camo Netting


For this year’s Halloween party we decided to cover our entire home in the camo netting! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so I bought tones of the camo for this year’s celebration. We used the netting to cover absolutely everything; from the garage to dinning room to kitchen to living room – you name it, it was covered in the camo! The effect – absolutely cool! The kind I used was the original military combat style – green and dark brown. These came in different sizes, and some of them I had to cut in order to cover very small parts of my home such as lamps, books, etc.

The camo nettings are made of 100% waterproof materials, so in case someone would spell a drink, it would not only cover the carpet but it also was very easy to wipe it with the paper towel. I was very pleased with the final effect. My guests were amazed how well everything turned out and as I added a few skulls and other decorations from the previous years that I have been collecting, the final effect was just perfect.

As the Halloween was over so was our party; even though we loved the new-scary look of the house we had to put everything back in the boxes. The good thing about the camo netting is that it is so easy to storage; all you have to do is just basically throw it in the box or big bag and you can keep it inside or outside, as the temperature does not really matter since the camo is meant for the outdoors anyways so nothing bad can happen to it.

We are planning to re-use our camo for either next year’s Halloween party or next month’s hunting. The good thing about it is that you can use it season after season and it won’t be ruined, because the fabrics are very strong.

I am looking forward to play with it again.

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