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.tags Spring are all listed, as the combination of fashion bags with spring not far behind, the new beautiful, CROWN, West Indonesia and other famous brands may have staged the first show of this year’s heavy. According to customs statistics, in February 2010 the total amount of import and export of China’s luggage 1.267 billion U.S. dollars, compared with the same period last year increased 6.9%. The amount of 1.204 billion U.S. dollars of exports, accounting for 95.05% of total imports and exports, compared with the same period last year increased 4.52%; exports 388 million, compared with the previous year growth of 13.73% over the same period. In January the amount of 063 million U.S. dollars of imports bags, accounting for 4.95% of total imports and exports, compared with the previous year growth of 90.14% over the same period. Data show that exports of Guangdong bags experienced a decline in a row, after eight months, and finally go up again. In February this year, exports amounted to 350 million U.S. dollars, a substantial increase of five percent, year on year export growth rate for the last year monthly high.
The first two months of this year, Guangdong exported 810 million U.S. dollars accumulated bags, up 20% over last year. Among them, foreign-invested enterprises in Guangdong exported 340 million U.S. dollars luggage, an increase of 23.3%; private enterprises exported 340 million U.S. dollars, up 26.8%, respectively, together accounting for exports of Guangdong Bacheng bags. Guangdong main export market for the bags the European Union, the United States and Hong Kong. January-February this year, Guangdong bags exports to the EU 230 million U.S. dollars, up 24.4%; on U.S. exports 220 million U.S. dollars, up 30%; on Hong Kong’s exports 120 million U.S. dollars, up 27.4%. The three major markets accounting for the same period total export value of Qi Cheng, Guangdong bags.
About the international market leading luggage brands, people blurt out the Louis Vuitton, Valentino, the new beauty and so on, Guangdong luggage industry, foreign brands, West Germany, Indonesia brand bags can be gradually entered China consumer perspective. The German brand bag from the West to Indonesia in 2008 entered the Chinese market, its unique product advantage and brand culture arose in the industry, especially the main push products business, government trolley series recognized by clients and sought after. China Mobile has become the designated gifts and other large well-known brand enterprises, and high-end shopping malls across the country design counter sales. West to Indonesia for its unique product brand luggage charm that reflects the noble, timeless, high quality, robust product content, much welcomed and favored by the majority of users, as this year’s spring fashion bags a highlight.
It is worth mentioning is passed along for a hundred years of history and tradition, this year the launch of Samsonite Samsonite new GRAVITON series with its rich content, full of modern and stylish, fully functional. In particular, the surface of embossed box design, very aesthetic. Indonesia luggage brand the West can be launched every product combines humanity and artistry reflects the advanced technology and perfect combination of artistic inspiration, noble and romantic charm, people feel the romance of travel to bring you Legends . West to Indonesia’s latest fashion brand bags Trolley bag beautiful fully reflects the modern pursuit of individuality, the pursuit of stylish living ideas, make travel a colorful landscape.
Shenzhen Foreign Trade Secretary Xiao Jianhua said that last year’s financial crisis on the province’s exports resulted in bags is not a small effect, Guangdong luggage business confidence, product innovation and product structure, market restructuring, making further enhance the competitiveness of and foreign trade economy “from the Winter into Spring” restorative growth has become an irreversible trend. Luggage industry has been used in the model are physical store sales, online sales of the companies try to carry out relatively small. The reason for this phenomenon, probably in large part because most companies do not understand e-commerce, not familiar with the result. But with gradually into the heart of e-commerce, market competition becomes more intense, especially in severe export situation. Samsonite, CROWN, West could be Indonesia, Goldlion and other well-known brands have started in sales restructuring, the traditional companies want to survive luggage, you should try to find a suitable for their growth and profitability, new ways.
West to introduce Indonesia buffalo brand bags CEO, e-commerce businesses to the benefits of the traditional bags in the following two aspects. On the one hand traditional luggage to carry out online marketing companies, the equivalent of more than a sales channel, so you can better allocate the sales; on the other hand bags to help emerging companies to rapidly improve brand awareness, to avoid the traditional luggage sales mode, the high cost of logistics expenses.
Speaking of luggage enterprise in China to the global trend, the buffalo that my luggage manufacturers to be more active interest in international market trends, to grasp the changes in consumer demand, to design more powerful, carrying more convenient, more beautiful fashionable products to meet the changing needs of an increasingly discerning consumer.