Grow young this Halloween


The long-term measures needed to look young are to eat healthy balanced food and do regular physical exercises. But if you want to look instantly young for the Halloween party, here are a few useful tips.

It is a fact that as you grow old, your skin begins to lose its glow and most people apply powder to restore the shine. But applying powder does not solve the problem but in fact, makes the skin look even duller. You must apply liquid foundation or still preferably, tinted moisturizers that really restore the original skin shine.

Here is another little known secret. Please know that extra-virgin olive oil contains fatty acids that are similar to your natural skin oil and it is an effective and yet gentle moisturizer.

Even using powder blush should be avoided as they are not helpful. Use a cream blush that will add true pink color to your cheeks giving you a youthful appearance. For an instant cheek lift, position your blush brush at the highest area of your cheekbone and apply blush in a circular motion. Choose warm pinks, apricots, or bronzes since they look less prominent and will make you look much younger.

Your eyes play an important role in making you look young. Make your eyes appear larger and for this, you should curl your eye lashes and apply one or two coats of mascara.

You can do a lot of tricks to look young with your Halloween costumes. A middle-aged woman can wear childlike accessories, and wear huge round eye glasses or opt for a superhero outfit typically used by younger girls.  

Making the lips look luscious and glossy is not only an assured way to look young but it will also make your lips look sexy and kissable. Choose a light shade lipstick as dark shades will betray your mature skin as lips usually get thinner with age.

Aging sometimes give you dark shadows under your eyes. Hide them by applying skin concealer – preferably peach or coral color – readily available in the market.  
For best results, use an eye pencil as its softness enlarges the eyes more than even liquid liners. To be even safer, you can opt for oversized sunglasses.

An older girl must find a way to hide the bulging breasts and flatten the chest area. Use a tunic costume that loosely hangs rather than clings to the body. This will leave other guessing your age and conceal the adult shape that is beneath your tunic.

Avoid wearing high heels shoes for the Halloween party and instead sport kid tennis shoes to look young. Discard women’s costume jewelry as they will not help you hide your age. Wear plastic bangles, beads, and hair bows that will do the trick.

To hide their age, women can braid the hair into pigtails or arrange the hair into a ponytail on the top or side of the head. Men can wet their hair and comb it flat against the head. Men can also opt for circular clown-like cheek blush that will give an almost comical appearance too.