Greenwood Hotel, Sydney Australia – Review


Greenwood, Teenwood.. Call it what you want, but Greenwood still remains one of the most popular North Sydney destinations on a Thursday night. With its crowds of North Shore teenagers, no cover charge and its up-to-date, danceable music, Greenwood is a great experience until you’re sober, or until you’ve been there so many times you know the bouncers. 

If you haven’t been to Greenwood before, here’s a little heads up: it is very likely that you will encounter plenty of underage teenagers that are trying to party with the legal teenagers. However, if you can overlook this then you should have a great experience. 

The best place to start the night is outside the back of the building, where there are benches for groups of people to sit and have a conversation without the music getting in the way. The atmosphere out here is busy yet relaxed, with just enough space to walk around without feeling completely squashed. There’s enough seating for big groups, but keep in mind that if you only have 3 or 4 people with you, you may have to awkwardly share tables. 

From then on, there are two different areas catering for both Hip Hop/RnB and House music. The courtyard – my personal favourite – plays remixes of mainstream songs alongside techno/trance music, and always has a massive crowd dancing the night away. This dancefloor is packed with energy…just be careful of your feet, because mine have been stood on more than once by a girl in high heels. Meanwhile, over in the chapel hip hop and RnB is blasted out to a dancefloor that may or may not be busy. Depending on what time you arrive in this area, it can be full of people or it can house a few dancing in groups. Watch if there’s only a few groups dancing, but dance if there’s a lot of people. 

As for the feel of Greenwood, well, I must say there’s something strangely fun about dancing in a courtyard or a chapel. Greenwood is not covered with decor; rather, it lets the simplicity of its layout and its popularity to become the decoration. The people that turn up are a mix from different places, however chances are that if you are there on a Thursday night, you will probably bump into someone that you know. 

The only problem with this place is that the first few times are great, but if you don’t give it a month’s break before you go back, you will probably get sick of it. While Greenwood is exciting at first, it quickly becomes a place that you say “Seriously, again?” to. Use it as a first-time nightclub experience for a friend who’s just turned 18, or for an occasional night out, but don’t get caught in going there every week or you will soon find you never want to go back. 

As for the underage teens that seem to be so common at Greenwood…they’ll provide you with a few funny stories to tell your friends over the next week. Don’t let them spoil your night, and it will most likely be a great one at this bar.