Great party on German highway


On Sunday 18 July 2010, a great party was held in Germany. Different from other parties which are normally take place at ideal locations such as exquisite hotels, high quality restaurants or even on romantic riversides, this street party was held on one of German’s busiest autobahns. The normal average speed of over 80 miles per hour on renowned German highway turned to zero. Vehicles related to engines were banned from the autobahn. It was opened to just walkers and bicyclers. It was estimated that 3 million people attended the party. They all sat at 37 mile table stretching from Duisburg to Dortmund which became longest table in the world. According to the local authorities, this spectacular activity is a part of the cultural celebration titled “Still life”. The event was celebrated with a view to advertising Germany’s cultural diversity. The table is not only the world’s longest table but also the longest culture street in the world.


The world’s longest table and culture street


The lane is only free to walkers, cyclists and skaters


The event is one of the biggest in the “RUHR.2010” calendar.


The idea was that this long table is a meeting of “cultures, generations and nations.”


20,000 tables are lined up on the northbound lane of the A40, forming the main event area


3 million visitors were estimated to attend the party


Bridal fashion show were also a part of the cultural event


The cool beautiful weather made the numbers of guests continuously increase



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