Graet Windsurfing & Mountainous Adventure At Medano


El Medano is a quaint little town that lies 7 km from the eastern side of Golf del Sur, with good breezes and long stretches of sandy beaches. These conditions encourage wind-surfing the whole year-round, making it a sporting resort in a laid-back style.Being a tourism pioneer of the region, it is being transformed more and more each day for the demanding tourism needs but was able to keep its pleasant, laid-back atmosphere with the right development plans as well as the patronage of many Tenerife locals who make this place their holiday stop.

What Can You Find in El Medano
There are a variety of happenings here, from beach fun to gastronomy delights. You will find shop after shop at the beach or the central Plaza selling all types of clothing, foods, and yoga services, as well as water-sports items to the beach crowd that loves to gather here. All these make this place very bohemian and trendy. Although there are plenty of beaches here it is not the best place for sun bathing, as the more popular past-time is surfing with the steady local winds encouraging it. Thus, sandstorms are kicked up, making it uncomfortable and cold for any sun-bather. Hiking is the alternative where two nature sites, Montaa Roja (west of town) and Montaa Pelada (east of town), are worth checking out.

Easter week is a hive of activity at El Mdano when the young islanders flock here to party with a sudden springing up of tented villages on the beach, and big camper vans full of windsurfing enthusiasts.The main building at El Mdano is the multilevel plaza, Plaza Principe de Asturia, which has many cafes and restaurants all around lining the main beachside. There exists a big boardwalk heading west over some distinct shaped rocks that are actually sandstone to an area where windsurfers can put their gear together for a good surf. Another coastal road will take you east to some quiet beaches with more fantastic wind conditions for surfing.

Natural Beauty
At the coastline, there are two impressive hills made up of very uniquely shaped volcanic rock at the east and west of the town. The Montaa Roja stands at a height of 171 m on the west while the Montaa Pelada looms majestically on the east. The Montaa Roja serves as a nature reserve center that protects the existing dune ecosystem. There are delightful treks along and around this mountain displaying beautiful sceneries.The magnificent Montaa Pelada boasts of a volcanic crater caused by seawater influx of some volcanic eruptions. There are also many good and refreshing hiking trails here that lead to a haven for nudist sunbathers on the west side. Alternatively, you can explore the mountain area by mountain bike.