Gps – How It’s Changed The Family Car Trip

.tags Perhaps one of the best things about the American lifestyle is the ability to load up the family car and set off down the road on a family car trip. Of course, the family car trip has changed much in more recent days. No more are the days of traveling back roads with no idea of where you actually are or where you will ultimately end up. Today, thanks to Google Maps, and sites like Bing, Map Qwest and others you can simply enter in where you are and where you are going and get step by step directions from point A to point B. Of course, for some, these travel advances may lessen the car trip adventure, but for their passengers anxiety levels regarding rest areas, gas, lodging and eating are significantly lower!

Most remember the days of trip planning, where it was necessary to spread out the map-it usually covering the kitchen table- or opening up the Triple A maps book and then studying the map to determine what was perceived to be the best route. Then, once the route was determined, it was necessary to figure out the mileage, but a rough estimation of the travel time was as close you could get to determining when you would arrive.

If you have never used or are unfamiliar with using Google Maps or a GPS, then you may not see what the big deal is. However, these are great tools that are simple to use. In fact, had they been around years ago perhaps so many drivers (dad in particular) would not have developed a phobia about asking for directions. Of course, we have all been the victim of having stopped to get directions from someone, only to discover that they only contributed to getting you more lost and confused! Fortunately, a GPS program will tell you when, once the start and end points have been entered, you have made a wrong turn and can even adjust the route to get you back on the right road.

Using a Google Maps/GPS program is easy. Just enter beginning and ending addresses, and select the option to get directions. In the majority of inquiries, you will be given more than one route to choose from with the number of miles for each trip. You will see the trip marked on the map, with step by step directions making trip planning a breeze! In fact, you can even use Google Maps to see where to expect the heaviest traffic, or use the satellite or terrain maps to learn more about what you will see along the way.

Today, not only can GPS tell us how to get from place to place but can tell you where there are rest areas, hotels, dining locations and where the gas stations are. No more are the days of traveling down a lonesome road wondering if you will make it to the next gas station. Using GPS programs has totally changed the way we think about road trips; yes, it has made them a bit easier, but the all-American road trip is still a great way to learn about our country and re-connect with your family as well. So get ready to load up and roll out!